Bernadette McAliskey on Nationalism & the Far Right

In light of the far-right radicalisation which saw a night of arson, rioting and looting leaving parts of Dublin in chaos, here’s the beginning of an effort to understand and organise responses to fascist movements.

Here’s a podcast from the lifelong activist, socialist and feminist, Bernadette McAliskey, where she addresses the topic of Nationalism & the Far Right at An Scoil Chois Claí 2023 …

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  1. SteveH says:

    You’re having a laugh. Of course there isn’t a Fascist movement in Britain, nor Ireland. There are individuals who are very angry with their society, and lack the self-control to behave in a democratic way to effect change they think important. They are a tiny minority. There are 1000’s more dangerous Islamists (secular extreme types like ISIS or Al Qaeda members) then the people you refer to.

    It’s like saying everyone who are critical theory social justice warriors are extremely dangerous revolutionary Marxists. For example, the Trans Activists who threaten on line to punch and rape “TERFs”. We know that’s extremely unlikely with the noisiest ones amongst them. Although there are very dangerous individuals that need to be watched.

    There is a mad tendency for left wing people to assign labels at those who disagree with them. “Racist” is the the most common. Because its about one of the worse things you can call anyone in a liberal democracy such as ours. But it’s also used indiscriminately, and for cynical purposes. The problem is it’s like crying wolf.

    I’ve been called a “racist” when discussing immigration, when I asked the accuser to define the word, and what are the attributes of a real racist. I politely asked them to list them and see how they could ascribe them to me. Answer: silence, or just more name calling. Hardly an intellectual challenge.

    Sure, the people on the street in Dublin behaved appallingly. But then, we saw BLM supporters in may different places all over the world behave that way as well. What is the difference?

    Ireland is in a bit of a state where I can see more insurrection emerging. Ireland has lost it’s catholic societal anchor, and the different extreme factions are rushing in to fill the cultural void. Only time will tell which is worse.

    Its the same with Western society in general. There has been a loss of grand narratives that previously gave cohesion and strength to those societies, but now has largely been replaced with another grand narrative, related to Neo-Marxist/post modernist ideas. Foucault warned us about this, saying getting rid of one narrative means it will only be replaced by another.

    What’s now missing is meaningful respectful debate. The left leaning graduate elites govern all aspects of life in Western countries, and have a very different view of society than the majority. They are powerful, but still a minority, and they have lost sight that in a democracy all voices must be heard, and consensus agreed. That has now been lost, and populism is on the rise specifically because that loss of dialogue. Debate which uses the Socratic method and critical thinking (rather than shouted ideological dogma) seems to have been lost.

    Behind the violent unruly few there are many more restrained people, but who still hold views sympathetic to the first group. Dismissing them and their concerns and views out of hand because they don’t hold your “extreme Woke” views doesn’t help anyone. (Did you like that?)

    Our liberal democracy has been replaced by an illiberal one which no longer attempts to solve real social issues, and is inextricably moving towards conflict and possibly civil war. For those with the education, use it to find a respectful way to meet your opponents half way. You will soon reveal who the extremists really are, and generally you will find more common ground with your opponents than you would ever think possible.

    Vive la démocratie!

    1. James Mills says:

      I blame ”the graduate elite ”, don’t you ?

  2. Frank Mahann says:

    Bring back the Ancien Regimes !

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