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  • Brexit

    A Wake-Up Call

    Britain’s ignorance of Ireland is leading it blindly into crisis by Naomi O’Leary. Brexit has exposed profound ignorance, indifference, and retrograde beliefs towards Ireland in […]

    Naomi O'Leary 3rd Dec'17 48
  • Arts & Culture

    Creating for Scotland

    By Phil Mac Giolla Bháin. All writing starts with an impulse. Last August I was on a plane to Glasgow to cover the IndyRef campaign […]

    25th Feb'15 6
  • Arts & Culture

    Finnegans Waking?

    Closely after Burns was enlisted to support a Yes vote (followed by a scurry of slightly desperate denunciations) along comes James Joyce. Placing Scotland on […]

    Mike Small 2nd Feb'14 7
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