Queen Elizabeth House Attacked in Protest Against Attacks on Gaza

Message from This is Rigged: From 10AM this morning four people with This is Rigged have climbed and defaced the UK Government offices in Edinburgh (Queen Elizabeth House) in a protest against Israel’s ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people. Catriona Roberts, 21, sprayed the glass front of the building with a fire extinguisher full of red paint. Fred Spoliar, 31, Ruby Hamill, 19, and Daniel Knorr, 22, are currently climbing the exterior of the building. Spoliar has thrown water balloons full of red paint at the UK government’s crest on the building’s facade, and Hamil has thrown the U.K. flag from the top of the building, replacing it with a Palestinian one.  The protestors remain in place.


The building was targeted specifically due to the UK Government’s ongoing endorsement of this genocide. Despite an overwhelming majority (76%) of the UK public supporting a ceasefire, and the Scottish government – including First Minister Humza Yousaf – calling for a ceasefire repeatedly since October, the Westminster government continues to support Israel’s atrocities, with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently announcing a new crackdown on pro-Palestinian protests, with extreme policing measures to be put in place. 

The action comes days after the group disrupted the world athletics championships in Glasgow. Shona Powell McKay, 24, and Lewis Conroy, 22, jumped the barrier from the stands and ran on to the track, unfurling Palestinian flags. The BBC did not cover the event on livestream, cutting to B-Roll and filming the crowd. This is Rigged claim that the refusal to the air the protest is a result of the BBC’s ‘scandalous’ bias against Palestine.

Last week, 29/02, at least 112 Gazan people were murdered by Israeli soldiers whilst attempting to access aid trucks, one of countless atrocities committed against the Palestinian people by the Israeli state. Al Jazeera’s Ismail al-Ghoul reported from the scene that “After opening fire, Israeli tanks advanced and ran over many of the dead and injured bodies.” The death toll in Gaza now exceeds 30,000 people – with many ‘disappeared’ by the IDF or buried under rubble not included in the official count. Palestine is currently experiencing the most rapid decline in a population’s nutrition status ever recorded – meaning the children of Gaza are starving at the fastest rate ever recorded. The United Nations have condemned the flour massacre, calling for Israel to end their campaign of intentional starvation of Palestinians and pointing out a “pattern of Israeli attacks against Palestinian civilians seeking aid.”

Fred Spoliar, 31, a Researcher, said of today’s action, “Every hour without the UK Government taking action to put pressure on Israel is blood on their hands. It’s been 5 months – that’s a lot of hours, a lot of blood. This is unforgivable. While the UK represents support for the genocide of Palestinians, it does not represent me. Fuck the UK Government. Free Palestine.”

Catriona Roberts, 21, a history student from Perthshire, said, “As long as the UK Government refuses to call for a ceasefire, we will continue to call not in Scotland’s name. As Palestine is bombed, burned and starved, this government is complicit. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of screaming out into the world that we will not abide genocide.”

Daniel Knorr, 22, a bio-chemistry student, said, “Yesterday, I woke up to images of a child who had starved to death. It was horrifying. This child had been murdered, as have many others, in the most horrible ways imaginable. Gaza is starving and the British government is complicit. These children’s deaths are on them.”

This is Rigged, a campaign fighting for food and climate justice in Scotland, released a statement explaining the reasons behind the disruption at the athletics: “There can be no business as usual as Palestinian people are brutally tortured, murdered, starved and ethnically cleansed. […] Scotland will not let the voices of the Palestinian people be ignored. We will not be passive. We will not be desensitised. We will take no pride in a country in large part responsible for this killing, and we will not sit by and do nothing. Fuck Britain’s elected representatives – history will not forgive you. People will not forget. Viva Palestina.”

This is Rigged are calling on the public to “Boycott Genocide” – boycotting companies and events which support or directly fund the Israeli state. A list of boycott targets can be found on the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement’s website. Targets include corporations such as McDonalds, Nestle and Coca Cola, all of whom provide funding and/or provisions directly to Israel’s military, in addition to companies such as Starbucks and Wix who have been promoted Israeli propaganda and silenced workers’ criticism of genocide. This is Rigged also urges the public to engage in civil disobedience in support of Palestine, with campaigns such as Palestine Action/Palestine Action Scotland – which focus on targeting and dismantling the Israeli war machine and the UK’s facilitation of this genocide.

Follow them at @Thisis_Rigged – see more at www.thisisrigged.org

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  1. Hector says:

    Well done students for taking action against genocide

  2. Leslie Cunningham says:

    Well done This Is Rigged, and Bella Caledonia for publishing this article!

    1. all credit to This is Rigged

  3. SleepingDog says:

    This latest and rather excellent episode of The Stream tackles the question of how Palestine is connected to the climate justice movement:
    and helpfully complements the book I’m reading, Environmental Warfare in Gaza by Shourideh C Molavi, written mostly just before the eruption of conflict last October.

    So, Israel has made it illegal to collect rainwater without a permit in occupied Palestine? The Israeli government has already made deals with a UK-based oil company to exploit Gaza’s fossil fuel resources? Israel uses windborne aerial chemical spraying to attack the crops of Gaza’s farmers? Even Israel’s tree-planting is racist and cover for its settler-colonial crimes? Seems so.

  4. Jim Ferguson says:


  5. SteveH says:

    We live in the age of performative activism.

    The activists do these things in the sure knowledge that they are not taking any meaning full risks, yet get to bask in the admiration of people equally inclined to be performative.

    I note the descriptions of the people: “a researcher”, “a biochemistry student”. The middle class angst and arrogance is palpable.

    This is the instagram generation whose own feelings of inadequacy at a world they cannot really personally change or influence spill out of their smartphones onto the streets.

    Did any of these people go on the streets when 100’s of 1000’s of Yemeni’s were dying at the hands of fellow muslims.

    Do any of them go on the streets to protest against Islamist terrorism against Christian civillians across the Islamic world?

    Did you know that more Christians are being driven out of the Islamic world than at anytime. Lebenon was once a predominately Christian country. No more.

    In Africa, we see rape, murder, kidnapping and forced conversions of Christians. From the performative luvvies, we hear nothing.

    Do you wonder why I have nothing but contempt for people like this?

    1. Drew Anderson says:

      “…Do you wonder why I have nothing but contempt for people like this?”

      No; here’s why:

      “…I note the descriptions of the people: “a researcher”, “a biochemistry student”. The middle class angst and arrogance is palpable…”

      They might be “middle class”; but there’s no guarantee, from your description, that they are. So, in effect, you’ve made an assumption and are railing against that assumption; when there’s no reason to presume that your assumption is absolutely correct. You are, arguably, having a conversation with yourself and as a result, your feelings of contempt for “people like these” is feeding itself.

      1. SteveH says:

        Performative activism is a sickness that seems to afflict mostly middle class people and students. Most working class people are too busy getting on with life.

        You didn’t respond to the lack of concern about the Muslim-on-Muslim violence and the blatant anti-Christian violence widespread. Just today, there was a report of the kidnapping of 200 school children by a Boko Haram breakaway.

        I reject your point. There is sufficient anecdotal evidence to give my words validity.

        1. SleepingDog says:

          @SteveH, surely perform and act were synonyms until ‘Performativity’ was distinguished by Postmodernists, who you affect to hate, but strangely copy here. As I and other have pointed out, your comments here are extraordinarily ‘performative’ in that respect.

          Taking some of your favourite things, who are more ‘performative’ than Christians with their church attendance, sermons, hymns and prayers; or the British military, with its medals, uniforms, parades and other silly stuff such people get excited about? I wish I knew the language of this better: is the Edinburgh military tattoo arch-camp, while the recent royal coronation was vulgar-camp?

          You’ll find military swagger in Shakespeare, which seem related to what is now called ‘ally’ (Joe Glenton). And an excoriating account of military affectation in Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, who writes that a standing army is incompatible with freedom, military discipline oppresses, and gallantry hides vice. So much vice, as we’re continually finding out.

          But you’ll be happy to hear that:
          Socialism, anti-fascism and anti-abortion on Prevent list of terrorism warning signs
          “Communism also among ideologies on document as human rights groups say UK scheme has been politicised”
          which is certainly signalling something.

          And please say which country you are willing to die for, even if that seems an odd way to breach your (possibly imaginary) contract with whatever sado-regime you say has you on its leash at the moment.

        2. Frank Mahann says:

          Steve H = the workers’ friend !

    2. SleepingDog says:

      @SteveH, while you’re channelling your internal Ernst Röhm, it strikes me that your unconditional support for Israel seems a little odd, given the de facto exemption for military service for the ultra-Orthodox.
      Surely these Torah-studying refuseniks are most deserving of your hate? With around 7.2 children per woman (Wikipedia) they may be in the majority in Israel in short decades, should the West still be subsiding them.

      I suppose I should end on an Ernst Röhm quote, from his Wikiquotes page:
      “Since I am an immature and wicked man, war and unrest appeal to me more than good bourgeois order. Brutality is respected, the people need wholesome fear. They want to fear someone. They want someone to frighten them and make them shudderingly submissive.”
      Well, marks for self-knowledge, I guess.

      1. SteveH says:

        You do insist on making comparisons between NAZI’s and me. Tell me, why do you think you know me well enough to compare me to Ernst Röhm? True, I was never indoctrinated at university, but equally never have I wanted to destroy the Jews, wreck democracy and to take over the World. Quite the reverse actually.

        Surprisingly, you haven’t quoted Rudolph Hess – renowned for being an intellectual, and clearly more equipped to write eloquently than the more basic NAZI.

        Indeed Communism and Fascism (Especially in Italy) were movements started by intellectuals, artists, writers, philosophers, etc.

        Coming from a poor educational background has meant I have had to become self-educated, reading both sides of the political spectrum and across a wide range of beliefs, without needing to please some left-wing tutor or a cohort of fiercely politically opinionated circle of friends.

        Never once have I had to stay silent over my political beliefs to avoid being shunned by friends.

        You try to dismiss my views with ad hominem. It says more about you than it does me.

        The world is in the mess because of the self-satisfied graduate elites who run this world, who think they know what is best for the majority. You get a bunch of sociologists, philosophers etc., come up with a load of brain-farts, create new “sexy” beliefs and values, then try to impose them on the majority without bothering to listen to that majority and their views and concerns.

        Today we live in a society dominated by a combination of an over-confident technocracy, and a self-serving oligarchy. Probably the most dishonest and self-delusional social hierarchy possible..

        The establishment’s problem now is that in the internet age, and an era that is no longer thoughtful, stoic and expects instant service and resolution, the majority are not satisfied the the croc of sh*t they are constantly being fed on.

        In the bad old days in Soviet Russia, even typewriters had to be registered. Today’s commissars can’t do that.

        Its no longer possible to suppress dissenting views and voices. It’s no longer possible to restrict political discourse to the higher-educated, nor is it desirable.

        1. SleepingDog says:

          @SteveH, you are confusing ad hominem with ridiculing personas. You project a ridicule-worthy persona through your comments, which I have called ‘Captain Manwhoring’, based on your self-descriptions of being a warm body for sale to sado-regimes. You could be a brain in a jar for all I know.

          Contemptible social behaviour, like calling for a military coup to impose another fascist state while crushing a largely imaginary enemy-within, is often reasonably dealt with by shaming (there are other options). It is generally considered ethically important to shame behaviour rather than being. This is, again, the short version.

          I may agree with some of the things you say, but because your comments are full of contradictions and palpable falsehoods, I don’t necessary think you believe everything you say. The best way to counter postmodernist fiction is surely to expose it with rational argument, rather than attempt to crush it by force (which looks weak, frankly).

          While I deal with substantive points you make in order to refute them, you ignore the substantive points I make. This makes me suspect you argue in bad faith. Why could you not offer an opinion about the ultra-Orthodox exemptions for serving in the Israeli military?

          As for when some political-economic systems came into practice, maybe It’s Older Than You Think? (capitalised because it’s a trope)

          I think you are ignorant of how many right-wing university tutors they have always been in the UK. I’m not sure what country or time you grew up in where coming from a “poor educational background” meant you “had to become self-educated”, but that is hardly a universal experience. Unfortunately, due to biases that are hard to shake, such practices often lead to being self-taught by an idiot. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_bias

          As a result, you seem extraordinarily confident in making ridiculous assertions. For example, you criticise universities for indoctrinating students and imposing ideologies, yet you champion Christianity (and apparently Zionism) and the British military where such indoctrination is essential and pervasive.

          And why? To create an ‘enemy within’ who your (royalist?) military coup will destroy? Military coups are a particular terror to the UK populace because (without a codified Constitution) the military personally swears loyalty to, serves and protects the monarch, not a Constitution and certainly not the People. Some within the British Establishment will likely have been planning such a coup for most of their lives, as we discovered through the Thatcher years. All it takes is to present a compliant/controllable monarch under threat, or set up a new one (who’s your pick? I ask again) to whom the coup troops swear a new oath to.

          As for taking over the world, isn’t that what the British Imperialists boasted about their Empire’s progress towards in the history you claim makes you proud? Why should your feelings matter when considering what went on before?

    3. Niemand says:

      I think there can be double standards here – look at the regime in Iran and what they are doing to their people; you hear little about that from the progressive left in this country. However that does not invalidate protests against what Israel is doing in any way. Both left and right indulge in whataboutery all the time and it is mostly the same invalid deflecting tactic something you have just indulged in Steve. As for the graduate stuff you are simply blindly prejudiced there, so merits no response.

      As for the value of actions like this I think they are more about those involved feeling like they have to do something on a personal level but I think it naive to think it will affect anything at all. I was involved in direct anti-USAF Norfolk bases action in the 80s and even spent a couple of weeks in jail over it. The action, called Snowball, was designed to clog up the court system as much as anything and it did, but the wheels of ‘justice’ simply ground on regardless and it changed little. But I got to say my bit in court, got a lot of support and it at least created a climate of debate and discussion about these autonomous bases that people really knew nothing about. I would not do such a thing now but I hold no grudge against young people who feel compelled, just like I did, to try. Holding them in contempt suggests at the very least you have your priorities all wrong and you lack fundamental understanding of young people’s motivations and concerns mostly because your blinded by class prejudice it nor outright hatred.

      1. SteveH says:

        1. You clearly started early as a performative activist, do it obvious (to me) you would have difficulty understanding what I’m saying.

        2. It is the young people I care most about, their security, their prosperity, their wellbeing, their aspirations and their future. We are on a crash course currently.

        You are also referring to a relatively small number of young people who are mostly under-grads or have graduated.

        There are far more young people out there whose lives and aspirations are far different than that of the higher-educated few.

        Having said that there is an army of young teachers out there trying to indoctrinate children, and even radicalize them. Contested critical theory and postmodernist gender ID ideas do not belong in schools. Its now up to old crusties like me to bring common-sense back into society, and oppose this new religion.

        1. John says:

          Stevie H – you come across as someone who has an enormous chip on their shoulder who is also full of self conceit if somewhat short of self awareness.
          The education system has been developed over many years by professionals in academia and while it may not be perfect I would always rely on people who have many years in academic study than one self taught person such as yourself.
          Yes life looks difficult in several ways for younger generation – housing, economic opportunities and supporting an ever increasing elderly population but the way to address this is not passing the obvious bitterness you feel for life onto the next generation, indulging in pointless culture wars or targeting minorities and graduates. It is by addressing the real life economic and life inequalities that the policies of successive governments have resulted in to give the next generation a more equal and prosperous future while addressing issues of climate change and demographics which will undoubtably massively impact their quality of life.

          1. SteveH says:

            Its not people like me who has screwed Britain and the world. Its the graduate elites – the technocracy and the oligarchy. It’s the people who have enjoyed the best opportunities and who control all our institutions.

            It wasn’t people like me who caused the banking crisis.

            It wasn’t people like me who opened our borders and allowed uncontrolled divisive immigration.

            It wasn’t people like me who introduced and promoted divisive identity group critical social justice and gender ID madness.

            It wasn’t people like me who launched the Iraq war from which my friends still suffer.

            It wasn’t people like me who destroyed that sense of our shared national identity, shared values, shared heritage, history and culture. That togetherness that kept us safe.

            It wasn’t people like me who have been selling out our political self-determination sideways to quangos (run by the same oxbridge grad elites) or upwards to supranational bodies who do not have our people’s interests at heart.

            It wasn’t people like me who have degraded our armed forces with woke nonsense, lack of equipment and falling troop numbers.

            People like me messed up by actually trusting people like grad elites to keep us safe and prosperous.

            The grad elites have totally failed us all, and brought us closer to cultural collapse and total destruction.

            So, don’t lecture me. The graduate class have lost all credibility, and can no longer be trusted.

            Does this include you?

          2. SleepingDog says:

            @SteveH, what was that, a libretto? Can we expect the forthcoming production of Captain Manwhoring: the Opera, to feature you in the starring role singing the aria “It wisnae me”? Or just more far-right whining from a weak man too cowardly to accept responsibility?

            It would be odd if the motto of your (perhaps imaginary) band of mercenaries to sado-regimes was “We’re no fucking use to anyone”. For what are you paid for, exactly?

            The historical evidence shows that the British (since WW2 increasingly kowtowing to their USAmerican imperial overlords) have frequently employed mercenaries and proxy forces in their War Against Democracy. This could be large numbers of street thugs, in the case of toppling the democratically-elected government of Mohammed Mossadeq in Iran 1953, or smaller numbers of paramilitaries spreading terror throughout a civilian population, or as a palace guard for its favoured brand of ally: torture-loving dynastic autocrats.

            An example of the ‘palace guard’ type of British mercenary deployment is discussed here:
            “Britain has 91 troops ‘on loan’ to Oman, where serving UK military pilots are flying Omani fighter jets, helicopters and military transport planes under a secretive scheme designed to bolster the repressive monarchy, Declassified UK can reveal.”
            “Previous secret agreements between the two allies appear to permit UK military forces to aid the sultan against Omanis should they rise up against his rule, as Britain has ruthlessly done in the past.”

            Of course, such paramilitaries and mercenaries are better at spreading terror and defending repressive rulers than building any state based on justice, equality, freedom and the rule of law. Many groups of mercenaries have been openly white supremacist and violently racists, as in Africa, which qualities obviously commend them to British MI6. The British have also enthusiastically cultured Islamist shock troops as well, as the USAmerican CIA did in nurturing the Taliban.

          3. Niemand says:

            Why are you on this site Steve? Do you have any interest in independence at all, the raison d’etre of the place? You never mention it. And you also clearly disagree with most of the articles and often very strongly too. What is your motivation for giving us your increasingly angry pearls of wisdom which you know will fall on deaf ears?

          4. John says:

            Stevie H – having just read your latest (it wasn’t me ) post – you need help mate – honestly.

            All the best


          5. John says:

            Reply to Niemand comment at 8.30pm on 8th March asking why Stevie H comments on this website.
            From Stevie H ‘s comments he appears to have great loyalty to king and country (UK) therefore I would conclude that not only does he have no interest in Scottish independence he is probably strongly opposed to it. I would add he has little interest in Scottish society or democracy and I am not even sure he is resident in Scotland?
            I would imagine, from what he has written, that he is most politically aligned with the Reform party who from my reading of their political philosophy? are trying to tap into the disaffection in mainstream politics brought on by years of austerity, falling standards of living, rising inequality and bleaker prospects for future for many. Unfortunately Reform’s economic policies with reducing taxes for better off and undercutting NHS, welfare state and financial security for many have nothing to offer the vast majority of voters so they indulge in the age old tactic of victim blaming minorities to deflect blame and attention away from fact they have nothing to offer the very people they are trying to attract. This tactic is not unusual and we have seen it used on many occasions before in history usually during times of economic hardship. Stevie H is a willing recruit to this more authoritarian approach due to his background and the obvious sentiment that comes over of life not dealing him a fair hand.
            Unfortunately for Reform and Stevie H this narrative is not proving effective with younger people who are now more educated and liberally minded than Stevie’s generation. This accounts for Stevie’s visceral hatred for educated people – they can see the simplistic narrative for what it is – divisive nonsense.
            The Stevie’s of this world therefore do not feel they are getting their voice across in media so they try and direct the discussion to their ideas by flooding websites, such as this, with their philosophy. Stevie’s comments are pretty much around educated elites and minorities threatening the country and causing the problem regardless of whatever issue is being discussed. Rational discussion with Stevie H is fruitless as he is only interested in his dogma so the only other way to counter him is to resort to ridicule or better I would suggest ignoring him.

      2. Niemand says:

        I don’t understand some of what you are saying Steve because it is all assertions without evidence or even argument.

        As has been pointed out you could use ‘performative’ about your own whole approach and some of the things you value. It is another word you just use like ‘graduate’ as an insult with no rational arguments and in terms of performative, also hypocrisy. It therefore means very little coming from you. In the negative sense, performative means it is all for show to bolster one’s own image or make a positive impression on others, but that is not why I and others took the action in the 1980s that we did as I explained quite carefully i.e. it wasn’t performative but you continue to misuse the word as a form of attack.

        You actually know next to nothing about universities but I do as I have worked in one for 25 years, yet you have no interest in what I might say about them. Even you could surely understand why that makes me very dismissive of your highly negative characterisations of universities and graduates.

        The sad thing is like SD, I also agree with some things you say hidden in these screeds of negative characterisation but these get lost and lose their power.

        1. Wul says:

          It is however exactly “…people like me…”, exactly like SteveH, who have enforced and enabled the centuries of brutal oppression which produces today’s instability. The Uneducated-And-Proud-Of-It, gun-for-hire, who travels the globe delivering death to whomever his paymasters tell him is today’s “enemy”.

          Good on yer mate! Camaraderie innit?

          1. SleepingDog says:

            @Wul, classic.

  6. Satan says:

    To be fair, the whole thing was started by the Gazan government doing the unspeakable, (no provocation justifies a government massacring people at a music festival, at least in our culture), and there is no solution without the removal or a complete change to the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas for short). That would invole them renouncing perpetual jihad (that being the perpetual holy war version of jihad), and unequivocally rejecting the elimination of Israel, which they are wooly on. As such, it’s biblical and doesn’t look like it’s ever going to end. Of course one unforgivable act doesn’t justify another unforgivable act in our culture, but we should be awair that it does if your society is based on the Old Testament. The TicTok generation seem to ignore the fact that the Gazan government are classified as a terrorist organisation for a reason. Even the Taliban run hospitals and schools – that isn’t a get-out.

    1. The events of October were unspeakable but to say that the conflict started then is plainly ridiculous.

      1. Satan says:

        I refer to the current war in Gaza, not something that has been going on since the middle of the last century. Far too little is said about the Gazan government. There was no doubt about what was going to happen after the massacre in Israel conducted by the Gazan government: War. The Gazan government’s invasion of Isreal was an act of war, anyway. Nobody’s going to bother to ask Hamas to arrest Hamas employees and send them to a court in Israel. The Islamic Resistance Movement seem to be an inconvienence that can be completely ignored by a great deal of people.

      2. John Learmonth says:

        Just out of interest when did the conflict start?
        1948 following the creation of the state of Isreal or 648AD when Mohammed came on the scene (assuming he ever existed)and commanded his followers to kill all the Jews?

    2. SleepingDog says:

      @Satan, while the current Israeli government is not (presumably/yet) classified as a terrorist organisation by the same unspecified classifiers you refer to. Although its Minister of National Security has been convicted of supporting a terrorist organisation:
      and the whole government may yet be convicted of genocide and other serious offences in due course.

      I notice that some grudging/shameless backtracking seems to be on withholding funds from UNRWA based on unsubstantiated Israeli claims, not least by the EU, the USA is apparently going to build a port in Gaza to supply humanitarian aid Israel is blocking with USA-supplied weapons, and there are questions raised about British special forces involvement, given their apparent deployment in Ukraine. Is the British government secretly at war with the Palestinian people? Well, maybe not so secretly.

      1. SteveH says:

        Why do you hate your own country so much? Do you think the rest of the world is better?

        I’ve spent time in most of them. I can assure you, its not!

        Value what you have, for if you lose it, you will regret it.

        1. Wul says:

          I always thought it was helpful of HM Gov. to provide an outpost in the Northern territory for protestors to rally against. Saves the long shlep to London (good for CO2 emmissions as well). I hope Glasgow gets one too.

  7. John says:

    No reasonable person could use the hardships the Palestinian people have suffered since 1948 to state that the atrocities inflicted by Hamas on innocent Israeli civilians was justifiable just as no reasonable person could now say that the Israeli response to October 7th atrocities has been proportionate.
    The justification by supporters of Israeli government response has been that as Hamas has stated that they would like to kill every Jewish person this gives them the justification to kill all Hamas personnel. Regardless of whether this aim complies with international law it was obvious that Hamas did not have the military capability to ever carry out this aim and now has a much diminished military capability which can only inflict minimal damage on Israel.
    In contrast it now appears that the Israeli government is willing for any number of Palestinian people (possibly the whole population) to die in order to eradicate Hamas.
    We are now have the bizarre situation where rather than telling their ally to cease hostilities the USA etc are building harbours to get aid into starving children because the country they support will not stop fighting and allow a flow of food into the Gaza.
    We now require an immediate cessation of fighting to help address the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Gaza and to get hostages released.
    This in effect means the IDF stopping their activities in Gaza and accept they have achieved their aims. It also needs the USA and UK to unequivocally tell Israel to stop fighting and halt all support military and financial to them until this happens.

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