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Could the combined talents of George Galloway and Craig Murray be the electoral breakthrough the Workers Party of Great Britain have always been after? The former Ambassador (and former supporter of independence?) has thrown in his lot with Galloway’s party as the best opportunity he has to be elected to, er, Westminster.

George Galloway, the MP for Rochdale who famously recently described himself as an “unreconstructed, red meat-eating, white straight male” has indulged in conjecture that Kate Middleton was dead, and that the UK was behind the recent attack on Moscow. Gorgeous George has also recently claimed that such luminaries as that Russell Brand, Tucker Carlson, RFK Jr., and Lauren Boebert are/will be framed for sexual assault by the establishment for criticizing the COVID vaccine and Ukraine, and that says Jan. 6 wasn’t an insurrection and implies a conspiracy behind it. Not to be undone, the former Ambassador has claimed of the Hate Crimes Act: “the truth is that this appalling legislation was always a part of Nicola Sturgeon’s grand scheme to destroy the Scottish Independence movement from within through culture wars.”

The Workers Party of GB announced Mr Murray’s candidacy describing him as a ‘Scottish Lion’ they pronounced: “And now, the torch of socialist progress blazes ever brighter as Murray takes up the mantle for The Workers Party … In Murray, Blackburn discovers its champion of the working class – a stalwart advocate who will relentlessly amplify the voices of the marginalised. The worm has turned, and the downtrodden masses stir from their slumber …”

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  1. Cathie Lloyd says:

    Head in hands

  2. Derek says:

    I was reading that in the Eye earlier on. I wondered what was taken out of Craig Murray’s quote.

  3. SleepingDog says:

    I’ve recently read and sometimes commented on Craig Murray’s blog. His defence of Julian Assange, opposition to torture and Israel’s genocide in Gaza seem genuine, informed, diligent and well-meaning. I have no specific reason to doubt his account of persecution by British authorities.

    However, I don’t agree with some of his views; Murray’s characterisations suggest a pattern of misogyny (I have seen no evidence for his claims against Nicola Sturgeon as reported here, and only female judges seem targets for vitriol); like many dissenters from a privileged group, he retains many of their characteristics. It is curious why Murray seemed so happy as a British diplomat until a case of foreign torture led him to develop a quite specific conscience. If Murray is a late convert to socialism, he’s either jumping a queue or perhaps the Workers’ Party doesn’t have one to speak of. The Murray incident seems to have turned the tentative trend of widening British diplomatic recruitment back to the reliably minionised privately-educated sorts, whose horror tales of boarding ask all kinds of questions about the British Establishment.

    There are two related questions I’ve asked on Murray’s blog that I’m eager to get an answer to, both in the event of Scottish Independence:
    When will Scottish citizens who have signed the UK Official Secrets Act (etc) be released from their lifelong enforced silences (or when should they be)?
    What treason legislation should be in place during an interim/transition period so that agents/assets/officials of both UK and Scotland are accountable and free to ensure Independence proceeds without what would be foreign (etc) interference (I envision deportation rather than head-chopping, and appropriately fast-track courts)?

  4. Alec Lomax says:

    I take it that Craig Murray didn’t support George Galloway’s Alliance for Unity party during the last Holyrood election ?

    1. I’m not sure, you’d ask him.

  5. Satan says:

    A superannuated ex high-up civil servant who lives in a mansion in Morningside that he presumably bought for cash but still wants people to subsidise him, is going to lead the dictatorship of the proletariat after he got bored of the Lib Dems? I realise that he is bipolar, so allowances have to be made for his behaviour, but he still looks a bit silly.

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