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    Banana Republic

    My friend has a theory about missing bits of culture and history. It’s ‘mislaid’ by mainstream historians – not in some Orwellian act of deliberate […]

    Mike Small 3rd Apr'17 4
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    Trident and Betty Blue Passports

    On a lunatic morning when Michael Howard appears to be suggesting War with Spain to Keep The Buggers Off Our Rock, when Simon Heffer seems […]

    Peter Arnott 2nd Apr'17 0
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    Brexit Fool’s Day

    The Prime Minister just pranked the entire UK with a letter published in several newspapers claiming to “represent “every person” in the U.K”.  In a […]

    1st Apr'17 6
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    30th Mar'17 1
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    Broken Britain

    Great Britain just became Little England. My feelings took me by surprise. I did not expect the anger, the boiling full-on rage that swept me […]

    Stewart Bremner 30th Mar'17 28
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    New Lübeck Letter

    The Lübeck Letter was sent by William Wallace and Andrew Murray in 1297 to the mayors of Lubeck and Hamburg. In the last few years […]

    David Greig 25th Mar'17 14
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    John S Warren 20th Mar'17 36
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    Prof Steve Peers 16th Mar'17 15
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    Scottish and European

    Nicola Sturgeon today unveiled ‘Scotland’s Place in Europe’ – the first plan anywhere in UK for dealing with Brexit. It’s a bit of an odd […]

    Mike Small 20th Dec'16 23
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    Abnormal Politics as Usual

    “The Scottish Parliament may have the legal right to block Article 50 entirely.” “… it is recognised that the Parliament of the United Kingdom will […]

    Peter Arnott 25th Nov'16 37
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    Ugne Viktorija Budre 11th Oct'16 1
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    Has the EU a Future without the UK?

    In recent weeks much attention has focused on the emerging policy of UK’s new International Trade Department, with Secretary of State Liam Fox’s recent speech […]

    Caroline Innes 7th Oct'16 52
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    Emanuele de Vito 6th Oct'16 26
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    Jam Tomorrow

    This is getting really confusing. According to our beloved Prime Minister, Scotland – the country that voted to remain within an international union of nations – […]

    Mike Small 3rd Oct'16 27

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