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Brian Wilson

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    Mike Small 28th Jun'14 29
  • Commentary

    Headlines to be Axed

    Listening to Angus McLeod, Scottish Editor of the Times, today cheerleading for Brian Wilson’s slur against Tony Benn the day after his death (‘Three politcal […]

    Mike Small 15th Mar'14 36
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    The Levellers

    Euan McColm recently argued that: “politics needs passion but leave out the hateful attacks” though yesterday he seemed to be forgetting his sage-like advice. Obviously […]

    Mike Small 24th Nov'13 0
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    Compare and Contrast…

      The laziest cliché of the Indy debate so far has been the siren call of those who bemoan the quality of the contributions.  It’s […]

    Kevin Williamson 22nd Nov'13 7
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    The Union as Racketeering

    We’re witnessing now the No campaign and the Unionist infrastructure (what old Marxists would call ‘hegemony’) descend into a base language centred around threats and […]

    Mike Small 7th Nov'13 8
  • Economics

    Poverty Myths

    In a recent column for The Scotsmani, the former Labour minister Brian Wilson highlights important research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, showing how people’s attitudes […]

    David Eyre 16th May'13 3
  • New Labour

    Loves Labour Lost

    Last night was the night for Labour hustings (which Bella sadly missed), and it’s a subject which we’ve been all but silent on. Many of […]

    Mike Small 22nd Nov'11 13
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    Who are Scotland’s Fianna Fail?

    Scottish nationalists are often obsessed by the ‘unionist media’. Sometimes we are guilty of this at Bella. At times this all gets a bit tired. […]

    Mike Small 4th Mar'11 8
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