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  • Environmental Justice

    Renminbi Me

    As China buys into ‘The Most Expensive White Elephant in British History’ we explore what it might mean for Scotland. This must be a poignant […]

    Alistair Davidson 21st Oct'15 32
  • International

    We Need To Talk About Keqiang

    The Chinese premier’s entry into the Scottish independence debate offers an opportunity to ponder what yes voters are really rejecting. Two years ago, David Cameron’s […]

    Susan Evans. 19th Jun'14 17
  • International
    Hsiao-Hung Pai 3rd Nov'12 0
  • Globalisation

    China Meeting Africa

    China’s presence in Africa has come in for withering criticism of late. Hillary Clinton has warned of a creeping “new colonialism” in Africa from foreign […]

    Peter Geoghegan 21st Oct'11 3
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