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    A Message from the Thought Police

    The furore over the attacks on the poor old Daily Mail by the “thought police” has been building for some time. Elements of the political […]

    Mike Small 10th Jan'18 17
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    Wrapping Paper Fury

    “Follow the money”, as the saying goes. “Hit them where it hurts” goes another. Stop Funding Hate takes these wise slogans and has turned them […]

    Mike Small 21st Nov'17 4
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    Mike Small 24th Jun'15 33
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    Handbags and Handshakes

    By Mike Small The idea that £15 million is to be raised for a Thatcher Museum is a perverse one when the whole of Britain […]

    9th Feb'15 33
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    Yes for More

      I’ve been Daily Mailed. Apparently I’ve ‘slated’ the Yes campaign and accused it of ‘deceit’. Who knew. To explain, when I left government I […]

    Alex Bell 22nd Aug'14 22
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    Running Scared Yet?

    We’re in the midst of a period of great propaganda and it’s worth looking out and back at how this has worked (and failed) elsewhere. […]

    Mike Small 27th Jan'14 7
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