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Mike Small

  • Commentary


      Standing on the steps of No 10 Margaret Thatcher spoke these words: “Where there is discord, may we bring harmony … may we bring […]

    Mike Small 7th May'14 31
  • Media

    Media Wars

      Asking Ian Jack to write about new media is a little like asking Ray Reardon to comment on Grand Theft Auto. From a man […]

    Mike Small 3rd May'14 24
  • Film and Animation

    Mike Small at Yes Kirkcaldy

    Mike Small, editor of Bella Caledonia. This is the first of three talks, with Carolyn Leckie and Alan Bissett (March 2014 ) at Yes Kirkcaldy. […]

    Mike Small 20th Apr'14 20
  • Autonomism

    Utah Saints

    “Time is not Money; time is Life. When more people can be persuaded to think along these lines we will have taken a real step […]

    Mike Small 18th Apr'14 9
  • Austerity Britain

    Keeping Up with the Jones

    Owen Jones is a funny and perceptive writer. His book, Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class is a contemporary classic: “In modern Britain, the […]

    Mike Small 5th Feb'14 26
  • Events

    Bella Fundraising Night

    We loved the No campaign’s idea that independence is a One Way Ticket to an Unknown Destination so much we’re calling our fundraising night after […]

    Mike Small 4th Dec'13 0
  • Commentary

    Compare and Contrast…

      The laziest cliché of the Indy debate so far has been the siren call of those who bemoan the quality of the contributions.  It’s […]

    Kevin Williamson 22nd Nov'13 7
  • Commentary

    Altered State

    We continue our series publishing extracts from Closer. Mike Small argues that with cultural revival, growing consciousness of the roots of economic inequality and a […]

    Mike Small 22nd Oct'13 7
  • Commentary

    Coming to Our Census

    An amazing snapshot of a changing nation appeared this week as the first census results since 2007 were revealed showing a secular country with a […]

    Mike Small 28th Sep'13 7
  • Commentary

    Making Plans for Nigel

    Thursday’s confrontation between Nigel Farage and Scottish protesters has led people to question just why Ukip is so unpopular in Scotland. However, it is the […]

    Mike Small 18th May'13 15
  • Feminism
    Mike Small 27th Nov'12 0
  • Alex Salmond


    Pundits seem to be coalescing around the idea that a ‘positive message’ is an essential part of political campaigning (nothing new here, see Pat’s Juggernaut […]

    Mike Small 28th Jan'12 19
  • Arts & Culture

    Scotland 3.0

    Equality needs to be hard-coded into the new Scotland.

    Mike Small 11th Jan'12 28
  • The Super Rich

    Wedding of Mass Destruction

    In place of doffing of caps, scraping and bowing Bella invites you to take your pick from a culture orgy of activities to celebrate the […]

    Mike Small 18th Apr'11 10
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