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    From Scotland with Love *

    By Mike Small What a weird empty election campaign characterised by selfies, twitter-spats and endless debate about the outcome itself. Like the political equivalent of […]

    Mike Small 6th May'15 22
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    The Last 5 Days of Britain

    Farage has been to Edinburgh preaching his Golf Club xenophobia.The Orange Order have been here on a charm offensive, pointing to the future. Jim and Douglas […]

    Mike Small 13th Sep'14 19
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    Theatre of the Absurd

      Today, in a glorious piece of botched political theatre, three representatives of the Austerity Union who are now joined at the hip on issues […]

    Mike Small 10th Sep'14 19
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    Vaudeville Britain Speaks

      “What does it say about an establishment that relies on fear+ celebrity. It tells us it is in decline, intellectually bankrupt+ out of ideas.” […]

    Mike Small 8th Aug'14 24
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    Bacon Roll Politics

    Dear reader, as proof of my competence and man-of-the-people status I am heroically this morning eating a bacon roll. Georgia Graham yesterday reported earnestly to […]

    Mike Small 30th May'14 13
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      This has been a huge week for the Yes campaign (an even better one is coming up*) and a disaster for Better Together. But […]

    Mike Small 30th Mar'14 13
  • Austerity Britain

    The Numbers Game

      Ever since Boo Radley came out from the shadows there’s been a steady stream of ‘more powers’ rhetoric. Well, maybe not a stream. Cameron […]

    Mike Small 17th Mar'14 7
  • Identity

    The Case for English Independence

    The British are meant to be content with the spectacles and dramas laid on for them. In the New Year, David Cameron told us with […]

    Dan Hind 8th Feb'12 0
  • Media

    Solstice Sunday

      The papers are snowtastic this weekend, informing us helpfully that it’s er, been snowing. It had passed me by here in sunny Dee. But […]

    Mhairi McGregor 19th Dec'10 1
  • International
    Brian Quail 25th Apr'10 4
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