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    Gerry Hassan 18th Mar'16 36
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    David Jamieson 30th Oct'15 21
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    No One Likes the Truth

    By Allan Grogan ‘I certainly shall not be happy because I meet with very much hostility. Because I tell you the truth. Who do– who […]

    Allan Grogan 9th May'15 64
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    23rd Mar'15 40
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    The Ship of Theseus

    By Mike Cullen With the Labour party ruling out a “coalition” with the SNP, but not a “loose arrangement”, which makes it more likely we […]

    16th Mar'15 37
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    The Combined Unionist Candidate

    Robin McAlpine on the heir to Blair…. It doesn’t seem to me that quite enough has been made of the three choices which lie before […]

    Robin McAlpine 5th Nov'14 17
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    And It was All Yellow

    Nicola Sturgeon began a national roadshow in Edinburgh this week, with further events planned in Dumfries, Dundee, Inverness, Aberdeen and Glasgow, where she is set to […]

    Mike Small 30th Oct'14 34
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    Ian Gillan 28th Oct'14 16
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    Back to Business

    As Alistair Darling and Johann Lamont come together In Manchester to gloat and dwell in unpleasant self-congratulation, how are things going for Labour across the […]

    Mike Small 24th Sep'14 46
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    Beyond the 45

    Tommy Sheppard, former assistant general secretary of the Scottish Labour Party, on why he’s joining the SNP. Sign me up. Only four days into the aftermath […]

    Tommy Sheppard 24th Sep'14 72
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    The Truth Team is Watching

    There is always something slightly chilling about people or institutions that believe they have a special insight into the “Truth”. Philosophers approach the term “Truth” […]

    John S Warren 15th Jul'14 20
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    Labour’s Red Mist

      So it seems Labour’s tantalising dalliance with Red Socialism didn’t last very long. At the beginning of the week the docile commentariat was agog […]

    Mike Small 26th Mar'14 22
  • New Labour

    Let Glasgow Flourish

    It’s a common – and often justified – complaint that Scotland’s mainstream media outlets focus disproportionately on Glasgow when deeming what’s worthy of ‘news’ status.  […]

    Jonathan Mackie 10th Feb'12 15
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