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  • International
    Dominic Hinde 9th May'16 21
  • Commentary

    Sweden Leads on Energy Action

    Sweden just scored a victory for nuclear decommissioning – without lifting a finger. Dominic Hinde investigates. It was a decision that took the government that […]

    Dominic Hinde 2nd May'15 12
  • Women


    Amongst all the doom and gloom about the far-right, there are some inspiring examples from around Europe, like Sweden’s new feminist party F!

    Svenja Meyerricks 26th May'14 3
  • International
    Mike Small 24th Mar'14 7
  • Antifascism

    Assange Facts

    Due to ongoing media distortion and the inability of the MSM to report this case adequately, we publish this from Occupy London…  

    Mike Small 17th Aug'12 54
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