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    Doing Politics Differently?

    Early this year the Scottish government backed down on plans to build a new ‘super-prison’ for female offenders. Though Scottish Labour, late to the party, […]

    Jen Stout 9th Oct'15 3
  • Commentary

    Hope Over Fear?

    By Robin McAlpine I never really wanted any front-line political or public role and avoided it for most of my career. One of the reasons […]

    Robin McAlpine 28th Apr'15 182
  • Arts & Culture

    Indy Knitting?

    As part of our new Celebrating Yes series this is a story of sovereignty, women, media and knitting. Jessie McLaughlin reports. Knitting a Nation involved […]

    Jessie McLaughlin 21st Oct'14 10
  • Women
    Mike Small 21st Aug'14 0
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    Sophie’s World

    The Better Together lobby have a new campaign to “target 300,000 female swing voter all across Scotland” with a letter from a 19 year old […]

    Tracey Fallon 31st May'14 75
  • Commentary

    Independent Women

    In the week we lost Margo MacDonald, the SNP finally, finally announced some breakthrough policies for women. Call it politics, call it one-upmanship (sic), I […]

    Hannah Wallace 12th Apr'14 11
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    Wean’s World

    When my children were young I never had time to read columns like this, I was like many women simply getting through each day surviving. […]

    Fiona MacInnes 11th Apr'14 7
  • Women
    16th May'13 2
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