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  • Commentary

    On Being Reasonable

    In a victory for the Scottish Parliament that will stand next to the smoking ban as a social policy achievement – today is a victory […]

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  • Antifascism

    Not the German Ukip

    Not the German Ukip: The AfD and the new struggle against fascism in Germany. On the night that the Alternative for Germany (AfD) recorded its […]

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    Backing Bella

    Readers and writers have been responding to Bella’s tenth anniversary and fundraising appeal. Here’s Rona MacDonald … * Donate to support Bella here. Thank you.

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    A Rough Guide to a Rough Media

      Slightly better news from the OECD, if you can find it in the world’s most beautiful country On the morning that the Herald did […]

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    Meaghan Delahunt 18th Oct'17 11
  • Catalonia

    Political Prisoners in Catalonia

    An Open Letter from ANC Scotland (the Scottish branch of the Catalan National Assembly). On the evening of 16 October, the presidents of the Catalan […]

    17th Oct'17 3
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Acid Communism

    In the context of the stagnation of the indy movement in form and content – and in the face of huge global meme moments like […]

    Mike Small 17th Oct'17 3
  • Antifascism

    Help Catalonia. Save Europe

    “What’s happening here, in Catalonia, is not an internal Spanish affair. It concerns to each and every European citizen”

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  • Scots

    Arrest this Moment

    ‘Bard o Vast Ingyne’ James Robertson on his new biography o Michael Marra, sang-scriever, musician and artist I kent Michael Marra (1952-2012), as freen and […]

    James Robertson 16th Oct'17 3
  • Bella10

    Manning Up

    Ruth Davidson’s plea that the Tory Party needed to ‘man up’ combined with the Scottish Mental Health Festival to inspire me to speak up about […]

    Mike Small 15th Oct'17 21

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