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    Degrowth, Steam Trains and K-Punk

    Bella Postcard: our weekly series of micro blogs, a (very) random ‘best of the web’. Like a bit of heavyweight “degrowth” analysis? Eleanor Finley from […]

    21st Feb'17 0
  • Commentary

    Remembering Paddy Bort 1954-2017

    “So shocked and grieved to hear this. A grand European, a kindliest counsellor, a wise and merry man in so many countries. We all came to […]

    Christopher Harvie 21st Feb'17 0
  • International

    Looking for Peace in Jerusalem

    So in a week I’m sixty five, my God how did that happen? And I’m here a bald OAP living in a hostel in a Jerusalem […]

    Maxwell MacLeod 21st Feb'17 3
  • Arts & Culture

    I Still Believe in Miracles

    On Sunday 100 protestors gathered at Inverleith House in Edinburgh to challenge what has been described as a work of cultural and civic vandalism – the […]

    Mike Small 20th Feb'17 0
  • Media

    The Joy of Six

    The cancellation of the Scottish Six broadcast is the end of one of Scotland’s longest-running media sagas. It’s an issue that used to be a […]

    Mike Small 19th Feb'17 26
  • Commentary

    Of Blair and Brexit

    Judging by the response so far in the newspapers and online, Tony Blair’s attempt at intervention on Friday morning in the headlong rush to Full […]

    Peter Arnott 19th Feb'17 24
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    Alf Baird 18th Feb'17 126
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    Impulse Mixtape

    The third of our new weekly mixtapes for your weekend. This week from Halina Rifai from @glasgowpodcart. Check out Leo Condie’s here and the Barrastinian’s […]

    Halina Rifai 17th Feb'17 0
  • New Yes

    Journey to Yes #3

    The next in the series by Phantom Power featuring people who have changed their minds since 2014. Caroline is a business woman who lives in […]

    Phantom Power 17th Feb'17 13
  • Media
    Simon Brooke 17th Feb'17 26
  • International

    Trump Turns it Up

    “Political chaos is connected with the decay of language” said the bragaddocious George Orwell. It’s difficult to keep pace with the craziness but one shining […]

    Mike Small 17th Feb'17 1
  • Commentary

    Journey to Yes #2

    The second in the Phantom Power series looking at people who have moved from No to Yes. Daniel – a Dundee based engineer originally from […]

    16th Feb'17 4
  • Commentary

    All. In. It. Together.

    The toxicity of contemporary politics is striking as values seem to circle the sewer. Last week Sir Nicholas Soames was making barking noises when the SNPs Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh […]

    Mike Small 14th Feb'17 24

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