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    Writer’s Bloc

    The Guardian recently published  a panel of views from Scottish writers: AL Kennedy, Iain Banks (‘I support the idea of an independent Scotland’), Shena Mackay […]

    David Greig 29th Aug'11 7
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    27th Aug'11 0
  • Arts & Culture

    Always the Bridesmaid

    You’ve got to admire the good sense of those good people at The List, who chose our very own Bella to (almost) top this list […]

    Mike Small 25th Jul'11 1
  • Arts & Culture
    Kevin Williamson 10th Jun'11 6
  • Arts & Culture

    Mapping Online Scotland

    Following the Scottish tradition of visual thinking, Bella C and collaborators will be charting online activity over the summer of 2011. Inspired by the above […]

    Mike Small 9th Apr'11 3
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    Another Kick at the Ball?

    As the arts is an area where the SNP record is highly contentious, it’s interesting to hear Alan Cummings view on the Holyrood election

    Mike Small 30th Mar'11 2

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