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  • Anti-Capitalism

    An End to Just-So Stories?

    A review of Beyond the Corporation, Humanity Working by David Erdal, The Bodley Head, London, ISBN 978-847-92109-3 by R. Eric Swanepoel (writer and coordinator of […]

    R. Eric Swanepoel 12th Jul'11 1
  • Climate Change

    Beyond Broken Britain

    An SNP administration in full coalition with the Scottish Green Party could allow real change to sweep across the nation. Major shifts towards a low-carbon […]

    Mike Small 1st May'11 21
  • Alex Salmond
    Christopher Harvie 29th Apr'11 5
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Susan George, Crisis & Solutions

    For more than three decades ground-breaking scholar and activist Susan George has written expansively on the effects of neo-liberal economics on the poor. Product & […]

    Mike Small 16th Mar'11 1
  • Economics
    Kevin Williamson 9th Feb'11 9
  • Economics

    The Scotland Bill is Broken

    It is not too much to say that the Calman income tax proposals could become Labour’s very own Poll Tax in Scotland.

    20th Dec'10 0
  • Economics
    Michael Roy 24th Nov'10 6
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Ideological Incapacity

    Welfare is a complex subject. Yet, some welfare facts are brutally simple. Around 2.5 million people on IB are a testimony to the fact that […]

    Harvey Duke 28th Oct'10 4
  • Economics

    Michael Albert Interview

    Michael Albert, along with Robin Hahnel, is one of the main developers of the idea of Participatory Economics, or Parecon. He is the co-founder of […]

    Michael Greenwell 26th Oct'10 2

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