"The UK Scotland voted to stay in doesn't exist any more"


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    Scotland, a European Nation

    Scotland, a European nation adjourned in 1707, is hereby reconvened. The Scottish parliament, overwhelmingly and without a single vote against, has endorsed its first full […]

    Michael Gray 29th Jun'16 82
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    Cool Heads and Warm Hearts

    Scottish MEP Alyn Smith gets a standing ovation after a passionate plea to the rest of Europe: “I want my country to be internationalist, co-operative, […]

    28th Jun'16 17
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    Happy Endings

    There are large historical events that have been going on beneath our feet, I think, for a long time. But, like an earthquake, tension builds […]

    Peter Arnott 25th Jun'16 27
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    A European Citizen In Glasgow

    As a society, we have more to lose than to gain if we leave argues German-Scot Svenja Meyerricks: “The founding principles of the EU as an […]

    Svenja Meyerricks 20th Jun'16 14
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    The Black Elephant in the Room

    The Black Elephant is a concept invented by Dougald Hine and Vinay Gupta: “The Black Elephant is an unholy union of two boardroom clichés: the Elephant […]

    Mike Small 14th Jun'16 40
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    John Warren 13th Jun'16 30
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    As England lurches to the right and Blair readies his army of lawyers for the incoming Chilcott, as Hillary glides on a sea of cash into […]

    Mike Small 9th Jun'16 19
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    Swallowing a Substitute

    The great Russian poet Anna Akhmatova once wrote, “The thing about poetry is that once somebody swallows a substitute he will feel poisoned forever after.” […]

    George Gunn 31st May'16 6
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    Gerry Hassan 26th Feb'16 25
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    See EU Jimmy

    The EU referendum is creating a sideshow of idiocy from the English Resistance that takes some beating. With a leadership of Gove, Johnson and Galloway […]

    Mike Small 23rd Feb'16 38
  • Europe

    Dangling on Boris’s Zip Line

    It’s becoming increasingly likely that England will vote to leave the EU and Scotland will vote to remain, meaning Scotland will could be dragged out […]

    Mike Small 21st Feb'16 40
  • Arts & Culture

    The Surreal Art of Austerity Europe

    This is a story about money, power and the surreal art of austerity Europe, with a dead artist and the Portuguese and wider European public […]

    Douglas Stuart Wilson 19th Feb'16 3
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    Colin Fox 18th Feb'16 39
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    When is a referendum wrong?

    By Justin Kenrick It seems strangely counter-intuitive that a party of democracy, as Labour claims to be, was against letting the people decide whether Scotland […]

    Justin Kenrick 11th Jun'15 16

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