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    Towards a Post-Colonial Scotland

    Nationalism is about the relationship between people and land. Ernest Gellner’s classic definition tells us that “nationalism is primarily a political principle that holds that the […]

    David Tobin 15th Sep'11 7
  • Identity

    Real World Avatar

    Have you seen Avatar? I was a bit reluctant, mostly thanks to the hype. Hype’s never good. I remember seeing the Age of Stupid at […]

    Mandy Meikle 6th Sep'11 3
  • Identity

    The Silent Blockade

    A short film about this summer’s attempt by a few hundred Pro Palestinian and human rights campaigners to access the West Bank. Jon writes: “The Israeli […]

    Jon Pullman 25th Aug'11 0
  • Collapsononics
    Deena Stryker 25th Aug'11 97
  • International
    Rebecca Nada-Rajah 30th Jul'11 3
  • Civil Liberties

    The Roots of the Far Right

    As Hope Not Hate unveil the connections to the English far-right, we look at where Breivik came from. The shocking and tragic events in Norway bring […]

    Kate Higgins 25th Jul'11 3
  • Anti-Capitalism
    Cecilia BallesterosMayte Carrasco 24th Jul'11 4
  • Catalonia

    In Bruges

    Last week delegations from civic groups campaigning for independence across Europe met to establish a network of stateless nations and discuss potential for  common working. […]

    Mike Small 20th Jul'11 1
  • Anti-Capitalism

    North and South, Ecology and Justice

    With neoliberalism on a down slope and a new era of South-South cooperation dawning, this is the most favorable historical moment in decades to retake […]

    Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero 17th May'11 0
  • Environmental Justice

    Black Forest to Green Wood?

    The Green party’s election victory in the German state of Baden-Württemberg is expected to have a major impact on industry and politics. What does it […]

    Christopher Harvie 31st Mar'11 3
  • International

    Notes from Tokyo

    Tokyo 12:20 hrs, 19 March 2011 Not all doom and gloom despite what the media may sometimes say ( or me, ha ha). Expressions of […]

    Mike Small 14th Mar'11 2
  • International

    The Struggle in Wisconsin

    Events are still unfolding in Wisconsin, and may yet escalate further. But we can already draw some conclusions from them, which can guide us in […]

    Mike Small 14th Mar'11 1
  • International
    Mike Small 12th Mar'11 12
  • International

    Berlusconi and the Libyan Connection

    This re-posted from Craig Murray who’s blog is under (re) construction… A very senior diplomatic source told me yesterday that Berlusconi is frantic lest Gadaffi falls and […]

    Craig Murray 23rd Feb'11 4

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