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Land Ownership

  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig
    Daibhidh Rothach 27th Jan'17 0
  • Land Ownership

    Eigg – Our Island

    We sometimes think that land ownership is something that will never happen, something far away. Here’s a great practical example of real change. An amazing […]

    20th Sep'16 10
  • Land Ownership

    Time to Call the Landowners Bluff

    On Wednesday, 3rd February, the ‘Daily Telegraph’ provided Scottish landowners with a public platform under the headline ‘Eminent lairds warn SNP land reforms may stop […]

    Duncan Pickard 6th Feb'16 25
  • Land Ownership

    Land Rights Now

    Serge Marti and Tom Younger work with LifeMosaic, an Edinburgh-based NGO, and a signatory of the Global Call to Action on Indigenous and Community Land […]

    Serge Marti and Tom Younger 27th Dec'15 3
  • Land Ownership

    The SNP and the Land Question

    One photo sums up, for me, the extraordinary events that took place in Aberdeen on Friday. In it, an SNP member is asking an embarrassed-looking […]

    Jen Stout 17th Oct'15 96
  • Environmental Justice

    On Land and Purpose

    It was no accident that Jim Hunter’s excellent book, ‘On the other side of Sorrow’ was republished twenty years after it was first released. Its […]

    Mike MacKenzie 28th Sep'15 12
  • Land Ownership

    Women on the Land

    Can Land Reform create new opportunities for women? Our traditional view of a land worker is a fairly male stereotype. The crofter, farmer or shepherd, […]

    Liz Paul 15th Sep'15 4
  • Land Ownership
    Andy Wightman 15th Jun'15 5
  • Land Ownership

    Rights on the Margin of Existence

    Cultural imperialism has become so sedimented into public and private life in Scotland; it goes largely unquestioned.  @IainMacKinnon75 investigates. “It is very encouraging to hear […]

    Iain McKinnon 23rd May'15 29
  • Land Ownership

    On SamCam, Mugabe and Rob Roy

    By Mike Small It’s not exactly a shock to discover that the pathetic Alistair Carmichael was behind the botched French Ambassador leak against Nicola Sturgeon […]

    Mike Small 22nd May'15 24
  • Land Ownership
    George Gunn 1st Jun'14 30
  • Land Ownership

    The Salmon Run

    Who owns fishing? Daibhidh Rothach explores the democracy of fish. Scotland’s angling is one of our greatest natural assets. To those who own it, it […]

    Daibhidh Rothach 14th Apr'14 2
  • Land Ownership

    Restoring the Commons

    The task at hand appears overwhelming. To restore the common ownership of the land & natural resources has been a goal of reformers down the […]

    Andy Wightman 17th Jan'14 1
  • Autonomism

    Land and Freedom 1813 – 2013

      Oxfam has launched a major campaign on food security – Enough Food for Everyone.  It aims to reach 20 million people across the UK […]

    Andy Wightman 27th Feb'13 4

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