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  • Holyrood 2011

    The Ump

    “The Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party is very much alive and kicking. That has been very clear in the exhilarating debate we have had during […]

    Mike Small 6th Nov'11 9
  • Autonomism

    Radical Media Forum

    Saturday 29th October 1pm – 5pm, Kinning Park Complex – Glasgow Meeting is free, but donations to Kinning Park welcomed An open meeting for practitioners, groups […]

    Mike Small 25th Oct'11 3
  • Media
    James Hamilton 25th Oct'11 0
  • Football

    Stephen Birrell and Facebook Hate

    There is a very quiet page on Facebook called ‘Free Stephen Birrell’.  There may be a few legal or human rights reasons that Birrell, sentenced […]

    Peter Burnett 18th Oct'11 9
  • Media

    The Salmond Problem

    Amidst the disputed ComRes survey for The Independent on Sunday, Matt Chorley and Brian Brady have produced the best (only?) credible broadsheet analysis of Scottish […]

    Mike Small 17th Oct'11 11
  • Media

    Bella Keys

    It’s been great to publish articles by new contributors in the past few weeks and more coming up in the days ahead. If you want […]

    Mike Small 4th Oct'11 1
  • Media

    Neutral Like a Knife in the Back

    If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed.  If you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed.  – Author unknown, commonly attributed to Mark […]

    Michael Greenwell 2nd Oct'11 3
  • Media

    For So Long As 100 Remain

    After digging around in the shed we’ve unearthed a bundle of 100 copies of the first issue of Bella Caledonia (from October 2007), long thought […]

    Mike Small 26th Sep'11 0
  • Autonomism

    Radical Media Forum

    An open meeting for practitioners, groups and individuals involved in independent/ radical/ critical/ activist/ oppositional media, to discuss the development of a broader support network, […]

    Mike Small 6th Sep'11 0
  • Media

    Westminster’s Holodeck

    There’s been a lot of mumbling recently (mostly from Tories) that ‘this Hackgate story is over’ and ‘everyone’s a bit bored now’. News that Andy […]

    Mike Small 22nd Jul'11 4
  • Commentary


    If the arrest of Rebekah Brooks yesterday is a ploy to confuse or interrupt parliamentary questions then the police are off the leash, and this […]

    Mike Small 18th Jul'11 11
  • Media
    Elaine C Smith 13th Jul'11 0
  • Media

    A Pinochet for Our Times

    Rupert Murdoch has apparently taken to the skies to protect the UK part of his media empire from the consequences of its misdeeds. There seems […]

    Christopher Harvie 9th Jul'11 1
  • Media

    Hari’s Game

    Many years ago I was interviewed for a national newspaper by one of its senior journalists.  The interview took place in Glasgow, on a Saturday […]

    Kevin Williamson 29th Jun'11 7

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