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    Justin Kenrick 9th Jul'11 7
  • Climate Change
    Justin Kenrick 9th Jul'11 0
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    A Pinochet for Our Times

    Rupert Murdoch has apparently taken to the skies to protect the UK part of his media empire from the consequences of its misdeeds. There seems […]

    Christopher Harvie 9th Jul'11 1
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    A Reputation Not Reconsidered

    In a recent Scottish Review article, Kenneth Roy takes the opportunity of the announcement of the late Edwin Morgan’s will to expose what he sees […]

    Michael Gardiner 9th Jul'11 3
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    Doug the Dug 6th Jul'11 33
  • New Labour
    Ellie Dooks 5th Jul'11 12
  • Climate Change
    Justin Kenrick 5th Jul'11 4
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    FED – Ideas to Sustain

    Realpolitik and Bella Caledonia present ‘FED – Ideas Worth Sustaining’, a one-day program of talks, discussions, and, most importantly, ideas. FED takes its cue from […]

    Mike Small 30th Jun'11 1
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    Hari’s Game

    Many years ago I was interviewed for a national newspaper by one of its senior journalists.  The interview took place in Glasgow, on a Saturday […]

    Kevin Williamson 29th Jun'11 7
  • General Election 2010

    Anger Management

    At the beginning of March 2011, Mervyn King, governor of the Bank of England, expressed his surprise to the British Treasury Select Committee (in the […]

    Donald Adamson 28th Jun'11 14
  • Climate Change

    The Road to Nowhere

    With the news that everything the protestors at the Pollock Free State – said was true all along we feature Rosie Kane from her new […]

    Rosie Kane 27th Jun'11 2
  • Banking Crisis

    Greek Crisis and Response

    The only way to describe recent developments in Greece is to refer to a peaceful popular insurrection that has led to an open political crisis. […]

    Panagiotis Sotiris 27th Jun'11 4
  • Football

    BOA Constrictor

    Two football stories jump out this week  – both share the common feature about a real lack of democracy in the game. One is about […]

    Mike Small 25th Jun'11 12
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    FED – Ideas Worth Sustaining

    On July 11, TEDGlobal will host its first conference in Edinburgh. ‘The Stuff of Life’ is the theme: for just $6,000 you can listen to […]

    Mike Small 22nd Jun'11 1

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