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  • Civil Liberties

    The Roots of the Far Right

    As Hope Not Hate unveil the connections to the English far-right, we look at where Breivik came from. The shocking and tragic events in Norway bring […]

    Kate Higgins 25th Jul'11 3
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Being Human

    Mapping our route, based on a more accurate understanding of what it is to be human… If what we need is – in part – […]

    Justin Kenrick 25th Jul'11 5
  • Anti-Capitalism
    Cecilia BallesterosMayte Carrasco 24th Jul'11 4
  • Alex Salmond

    Will Victory Take Us Left?

    Scotland has its own civic culture which must be nurtured and developed in a direction which is decided by the Scottish People themselves, through their […]

    Bill Kidd 24th Jul'11 4
  • Burns

    Not in My Name

    In advance of his Fringe show (National Library of Scotland 4-28 Aug), Darran Anderson from 3AM magazine interviews Kevin Williamson (see also the Not in […]

    Darran Anderson 22nd Jul'11 0
  • Media

    Westminster’s Holodeck

    There’s been a lot of mumbling recently (mostly from Tories) that ‘this Hackgate story is over’ and ‘everyone’s a bit bored now’. News that Andy […]

    Mike Small 22nd Jul'11 4
  • Collapsononics

    Lost in Space

    First Woolies, then News of the World, now Star Trek. What’s up next? Anyone for the Euro?

    Mike Small 21st Jul'11 17
  • UK Uncut
    Justin Kenrick 20th Jul'11 7
  • Catalonia

    In Bruges

    Last week delegations from civic groups campaigning for independence across Europe met to establish a network of stateless nations and discuss potential for  common working. […]

    Mike Small 20th Jul'11 1
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Hit the North

    “Economic ‘failure’ was used as an excuse for the IMF to privatise services, decimate societies and prop up or restore dictators across swathes of Latin […]

    Justin Kenrick 19th Jul'11 6
  • Commentary


    If the arrest of Rebekah Brooks yesterday is a ploy to confuse or interrupt parliamentary questions then the police are off the leash, and this […]

    Mike Small 18th Jul'11 11
  • Autonomism

    Change: Accelerator

    Should those active in political parties who see the need to reign in corporate power, focus not on party building but on building a broader […]

    Justin Kenrick 15th Jul'11 1
  • Media
    Elaine C Smith 13th Jul'11 0
  • Anti-Capitalism
    Justin Kenrick 12th Jul'11 2

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