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    There’s No App For That

    There’s No App For That: why technology is ineffective without emotional awakening – by Pat Kane and Indra Adnan. A wise blog post by environmental […]

    Pat Kane and Indra Adnan 9th Sep'17 0
  • Environmental Justice

    The Right to Care

      Debates over wolf reintroduction, rewilding, and driven grouse rumble on. There is no doubt hunting, climbing, hutting, and Caledonian pinewoods have their symbolic aspects […]

    Alec Finlay 9th Sep'17 4
  • Economics
    Andrew Mitchell 9th Sep'17 0
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    Forgetful Mogg

    Left is right, black is white, liberal is illiberal. Welcome to the new politics of Trumpworld UK inc, brought to you by deranged but organised […]

    Mike Small 8th Sep'17 27
  • Environmental Justice

    Electric Brae

    The Scottish Governments announcement of a new set of low-carbon policies is to be welcomed.  Nicola Sturgeon declared yesterday the country would end the sale […]

    Mike Small 6th Sep'17 9
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    Forward Scotland

    Jonathon Shafi explores the new political landscape and drivers behind the Scottish Governments ambitious Programme for Government announcements. The ideas of the left are at […]

    Jonathon Shafi 6th Sep'17 15
  • Environmental Justice

    Plastic Fantastic

    We’re awash with plastics, choking our seas, killing our wildlife, polluting our water and entering our food chain. The problem of plastics in the (sea) […]

    Mike Small 6th Sep'17 8
  • Scots

    The Ghaists

    Billy Kay reads The Ghaists by Robert Fergusson on his birthday. “Robert Burns was moved to call Fergusson his ‘elder brother in misfortune, by far […]

    6th Sep'17 5
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    To Govern ‘As If’

    “It unashamedly looks to a Scottish State to coordinate and shape a holistic vision of what a country can be. In the contemporary context, this […]

    Peter Arnott 6th Sep'17 9
  • Currency
    Vinay Gupta 5th Sep'17 0
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    Blog Awards

    We’re delighted to be shortlisted for the Best UK Blog 2017 in the Politics section. We’re down to the final six. The other five nominations are: […]

    Mike Small 5th Sep'17 2
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    Yer Da

    The tragic limits to cultural self-loathing, or, social media meets monolingualism…   *We really need your support to develop though and we’d like to ask you […]

    5th Sep'17 3
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    Better Reputations

    “My profound belief is that a small number of words, a strong visual image, can change the way people think. At Bell Pottinger we tell […]

    Mike Small 5th Sep'17 1
  • Social Movement

    A Tangled Web

    Sarah Glynn unpicks the fine lines between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. An organisation calling itself Jewish Human Rights Watch has just published a report that purports […]

    Sarah Glynn 5th Sep'17 4

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