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  • Brexit

    Red Tape, Brexit, Shock and Bluff

    As the Brexit ‘negotiations’ begin (or ends?) we are drawing on academic experts to try and cut through the spin and political fog to understand […]

    3rd Aug'17 30
  • International

    Syria’s Disappeared

    I was first confronted with the fate of political prisoners in Syria fifteen years ago. To this day, I am grateful for the conversations with […]

    Bente Scheller 3rd Aug'17 0
  • Playlists

    Happy Meals Bella Playlist

      Lewis Cook and Suzi Rodden are Glasgow cosmic-pop duo Happy Meals. On August 12 at Kinning Park Complex they present Full Ashram Sleep Garden, […]

    Nadine McBay 2nd Aug'17 1
  • Postcard
    Bonnie Gallagher 2nd Aug'17 1
  • Arts & Culture
    Mike Small 1st Aug'17 0
  • Arts & Culture

    We’re in the Army Now

    We are witnessing the Fringe, with the support of Summerhall and Creative Scotland, become the latest creative partners to support the mainstreaming of militarism within […]

    Catrin Evans 1st Aug'17 32
  • Journey to Yes

    Journey to Yes 18

    The latest from Phantom Power’s Journey to Yes series features Chris Wilson is rising star in the Scottish Liberal Democrats …   * We really […]

    Phantom Power 1st Aug'17 0
  • Commentary

    Der Schrei der Natur

      If anything captures the mood of the nations (s) and the madness infecting Anglo-British politics, this image of the Tories seated in front of […]

    Mike Small 31st Jul'17 13
  • Commentary


    “There is a very fine line between what Freud called the psycopathology of everyday life and what Fromm called the pathology of normalcy” said RD […]

    Mike Small 31st Jul'17 2
  • Arts & Culture

    Unbrits and Rich White Men

    Denis MacShane tell us that just five of the richest men in Britain paid for 61% of the Leave campaign and that Brexit was ‘for […]

    Mike Small 30th Jul'17 16
  • Playlists
    26th Jul'17 0
  • Scots

    A repone tae Norn Iron

    Glaikit braindeid nationalists at the helm o the country, fires burnin doon hoosies when they cowp, fitba supporters bungin toom Buckfest bottles at catholic pleyers […]

    Alistair Heather 26th Jul'17 15
  • Arts & Culture

    More Moira Monologues

    All artists – writers, musicians, actors – get used to dividing an audience. I’ve long since grown accustomed to the five-star review on Amazon being […]

    Alan Bissett 24th Jul'17 4
  • Peace activism

    Upping the Action

    Trident Ploughshares (TP) is a campaign to disarm the UK Trident nuclear weapons system in a nonviolent, peaceful and fully accountable manner. Disarmament camps have […]

    Janet Fenton 24th Jul'17 3

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