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    Citizens of Nowhere

    Just when you thought that the depth of the democratic deficit could get no deeper, or the contempt shown for the Scottish people could get […]

    Mike Small 16th Mar'17 25
  • Europe
    Prof Steve Peers 16th Mar'17 15
  • Media

    Privileging the Moral Arguments

    Why the mainstream media will continue to privilege economic arguments and what we can do about it. It is by moving beyond notions of ‘deliberate’ […]

    Joe Crawford 16th Mar'17 11
  • Short Story

    The Past in Bits

    Dad slowly lifted the white sheet covering the awkward-looking heap in the corner of the scullery and found us underneath pretending to be chairs. It […]

    Paul Tritschler 15th Mar'17 2
  • Economics

    Can the UK afford to be independent?

    After Mhairi Black’s statement of disillusionment about life as a backbencher it was good to see another young MP at least getting the satisfaction of […]

    15th Mar'17 15
  • Commentary
    Jackie Kemp 15th Mar'17 13
  • Media

    Jocky Horror Show

    In a scathing piece in the Guardian George Monbiot writes: “Whenever I visit Scotland, I’m reminded that Britain is politically dead from the neck down. […]

    Mike Small 15th Mar'17 11
  • Commentary

    Zen and the Art of Referenda

    Yes voter? No voter? Remain In, Brexit Out or shake-it-all-about political-party floater? Whatever your political persuasion we could surely all do with a happier, more […]

    Heather Pearson 15th Mar'17 5
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    Border Crossing

    This is a crisis of English politics and identity which is developing into a disaster for the British state. Within hours of Nicola Sturgeon’s Bute House speech Michelle […]

    Mike Small 14th Mar'17 19
  • Commentary

    Manic Monday

    More than ever, we need to hear the radical voices. We need to make sure that Independence isn’t the end goal, that it’s just the […]

    Jim Monaghan 14th Mar'17 12
  • Poetry


    Today I’ll wear a new dress, a fresh dress, a still-yes dress with shoes I’ve never worn before. I’ll show no signs of tears or […]

    Magi Gibson 14th Mar'17 2
  • Commentary

    A Smugasbord of Scotsmen

    And so it begins – the all-male, almost entirely white panel, the middle-aged men arguing with each other on prime time television. That’s right, a […]

    Eilidh Lean 14th Mar'17 20
  • Commentary

    Responses to #ScotRef

    We asked five commentators for their responses to yesterday’s announcement about a second referendum. A huge historic decision – Joyce McMillan The first thing to […]

    14th Mar'17 31
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    Scotland 2021

    Scotland 2021 – crafting a better future. Edited by Simon Barrow and Mike Small. “What kind of country do you want to live in? What should […]

    13th Mar'17 3

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