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  • Community Education

    So now begin

    Open the doors! Light of the day, shine in; light of the mind, shine out! We have a building which is more than a building. […]

    Mike Small 19th Aug'10 3
  • Anti-Capitalism
    Derek Wall 18th Aug'10 0
  • Civil Liberties

    Educating Tom

    Poor old Tom Harris has this week been branding anyone questioning the death of David Kelly a conspiracist and a nutter, the assumption being that […]

    Mike Small 16th Aug'10 10
  • Education

    PFI: Private Fuddery Incorporated

      Over the last three years the Scottish government has taken a principled stand against the use of PFI (Private Finance Initiative) to build new […]

    Kevin Williamson 13th Aug'10 0
  • Common Good
    Mike Small 11th Aug'10 0
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Jimmy Reid: Scottish Socialist

    “I believe in socialism. I believe it will become abundantly clear that globalisation driven by multi-national corporations will be a disaster. I think there will […]

    Mike Small 11th Aug'10 4
  • Elections

    Voting Sham

    This editor has been busier than a BP lawyer in the last few days so to catch-up on some great commentary that’s been hitting the […]

    Mike Small 28th Jul'10 3
  • Afghanistan

    Troops Out

      Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable. –  George Orwell Afghanistan is little more than a sanitised bloodbath and […]

    Mike Small 27th Jul'10 2
  • Transport

    A Lesson from Snowdonia

    I In 1966 I spent Easter working on the Festiniog Railway, then running about half its length from the old slate port of Porthmadog towards […]

    Christopher Harvie 23rd Jul'10 4
  • Anarchism

    Crack Capitalism

    “Crack Capitalism”, argues that radical change can only come about through the creation, expansion and multiplication of ‘cracks’ in the capitalist system. These cracks are […]

    Mike Small 22nd Jul'10 6
  • Climate Change
    Mike Small 21st Jul'10 3
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

    You are invited to a ‘Taste of Freedom: organic coffee and autonomous communities in Mexico’, a workshop each morning to kick-start the Head Zone at […]

    Mike Small 20th Jul'10 0
  • Uncategorized
    Kevin Williamson 20th Jul'10 4
  • Calman Report

    Tom & Gerry

    Tom Miers has been in the news lately with his report from the think tank, “Policy Exchange”, entitled, “The Devolution Distraction”. I thought I’d take […]

    Doug the Dug 20th Jul'10 10

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