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    Huckster Nation

    This is Scottish Labour going through its Edgar Allan Poe phase. It’s transfixing like a multiple pile-up. You feel slightly soiled just to be observing […]

    Mike Small 31st Mar'10 9
  • Drugs

    Coke Dealers Celebrate Mephedrone Ban

    The usual suspects in the media and politics have finally got their way. They managed to find two kids in England who died from taking […]

    Kevin Williamson 30th Mar'10 12
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    Wee Three Kings

    A Sunday evening regular trawl of ‘good things’ from ‘around’ is now instituted, by order of the Eds, to be written by me. Rules: we […]

    Mhairi McGregor 28th Mar'10 0
  • Review

    Broonland – Two Views

    Verso have just published Chris Harvie’s Broonland (available at Word Power Books) described as: ‘an essential anatomy of New Labour’s bankrupt policies and a caustic […]

    Pat Kane 27th Mar'10 0
  • Renewable Energy
    Ben Murray 23rd Mar'10 3
  • Media

    Open Letter to Clean-Up Glasgow

    As the implications of New Labour’s disastrous political coterie in Glasgow and wider Scotland becomes daily more apparent, we publish an Open Letter from Variant […]

    Mike Small 23rd Mar'10 0
  • Thanks


    Thanks to Catriona for organising last nights meeting with Christopher Harvie at Edinburgh University, a good turn out and discussion afterwards.

    23rd Mar'10 1
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    Support Frank Mulami

    On top of Precious Mhango case and the terrible deaths of Serge Serykh’s family – focus has been concentrated on the British States asylum and […]

    Mike Small 16th Mar'10 2
  • Politics

    Unchanging Scotland?

    Following on from Joan McAlpine’s piece (‘Purcell and the Scottish Press’) Gerry Hassan explores the political implications and backdrop to the Purcell case in the […]

    Gerry Hassan 11th Mar'10 2
  • Media


    I am suffering a thought crime. I am paying for democracy to be beamed to me and I know it is distorted. “To know and […]

    Mike Small 4th Mar'10 20
  • Civil Liberties

    Drone Wars

    UK Police are in talks with BAE to supply Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for surveillance purposes and hope to have them operational in time for the […]

    Des O'Sullivan 28th Feb'10 3
  • Commentary

    The Sense of an Ending

    As Broonland is launched we feature this extended article by Christopher Harvie. He writes: “Since the crash the UK political world seems to have realised […]

    Mike Small 26th Feb'10 2
  • Referendum on Independence
    Mike Small 25th Feb'10 3
  • English Culture
    Gerry Hassan 22nd Feb'10 14

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