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    Kevin Williamson 8th Jan'11 5
  • Environmental Justice

    What Hopes for Scotland in 2011?

    “Why have a Parliament if we don’t use it to make possible what would be impossible without it? “

    Justin Kenrick 7th Jan'11 13
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    Thanks to the great many of you who emailed us in support of an alternative press in Scotland. We’ve added a Support us page here […]

    Mike Small 6th Jan'11 6
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    2011 is a big year

    Sometimes it takes a jolt to the system to realise that you can’t take someone’s consistent, innovative unsung work for granted. When Bella Caledonia was […]

    Kevin Williamson 5th Jan'11 16
  • Identity

    Envisioning Real Scotland

    In collaboration with Newsnet Scotland we have commissioned a series of articles looking forward to the year ahead in Scotland: Hopes and Visions 2011. Read […]

    Pat Kane 28th Dec'10 4
  • Left

    Lennon vs Bono

    Effective celebrity activists use their fame to bring attention and credibility to legitimate representatives of social movements. That, in a nutshell, is my standard of […]

    Mark Engler 27th Dec'10 2
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Tommy’s Troubles

    Six in a parliament should be remembered over four in a bed. Telling truth to power should be remembered over telling lies in court.

    Mike Small 24th Dec'10 15
  • Afghanistan

    The Ethical Governor

    This from John Butler a Glasgow based digital animator. John is fascinated by ‘the long war’ between humans and finance, which he sees today as people battle with […]

    Mike Small 21st Dec'10 0
  • Economics

    The Scotland Bill is Broken

    It is not too much to say that the Calman income tax proposals could become Labour’s very own Poll Tax in Scotland.

    20th Dec'10 0
  • Media

    Solstice Sunday

      The papers are snowtastic this weekend, informing us helpfully that it’s er, been snowing. It had passed me by here in sunny Dee. But […]

    Mhairi McGregor 19th Dec'10 1
  • Antifascism

    Poverty Porn and the Broken Society

    We are living in the deepest recession and economic crisis since the 1930s, yet for successive governments and for large sections of the media there […]

    Gerry MooneyLynn Hancock 15th Dec'10 4
  • Antifascism
    Andrew Hardie 15th Dec'10 4
  • Commentary

    The Old Flamingo Ballroom

    You won’t be able to read this article. The whole country’s ‘going gaelic’. It will be compulsory next. Of course it won’t really but it’s […]

    Mike Small 14th Dec'10 12
  • Education

    New Public Thinkers

    In the week that the Tory-Liberals have signed the death-knell for democratic access to higher education in England, and on the day where Alex Salmond […]

    Mike Small 13th Dec'10 12

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