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    Positively Independent

    What’s the point of independence? Opponents routinely portray the independence movement as being about ‘divorce’  ‘break-up’ and separation. Those within it see it as an […]

    Mike Small 4th Nov'10 14
  • Renewable Energy

    The Power of Scotland

    Last year a report The Power of Scotland Renewed (you can read it here) showed the amazing potential Scotland has for conversion to renewable energy. […]

    Mike Small 29th Oct'10 1
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Ideological Incapacity

    Welfare is a complex subject. Yet, some welfare facts are brutally simple. Around 2.5 million people on IB are a testimony to the fact that […]

    Harvey Duke 28th Oct'10 4
  • Economics

    Michael Albert Interview

    Michael Albert, along with Robin Hahnel, is one of the main developers of the idea of Participatory Economics, or Parecon. He is the co-founder of […]

    Michael Greenwell 26th Oct'10 2
  • Anti-Capitalism

    No Shock Doctrine for Scotland

      “Margaret Thatcher is lying sick in a private hospital bed in Belgravia but her political children have just pushed her agenda further and harder […]

    Mike Small 21st Oct'10 22
  • English Culture

    Keep Cornwall Whole

    We may or may not agree with the idea behind a hunger strike. Almost all of us, however, would agree that such an action is […]

    Ray Bell 19th Oct'10 8
  • Antifascism

    If You Have a Racist Friend

    While we have idiots like Labours Michael McCann, while we have the far-right operating amongst the orange disorder, Sarkozy expelling the Roma and a German […]

    Mhairi McGregor 18th Oct'10 57
  • Land Onwership

    Who Stole Scotland?

    ‘Show the people that our Old Nobility is not noble, that its lands are stolen lands – stolen either by force or fraud; show people […]

    Andy Wightman 18th Oct'10 1
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    Mike Small 16th Oct'10 9
  • Anarchism
    Jamie Heckert 11th Oct'10 0
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    Generation Less

    Douglas Coupland, author of Generation X, and A, chronicler of the internet era, codifier of minutaie of disaffected sects, neologist and cultural entrepreneur sets out […]

    Mike Small 11th Oct'10 0
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig

    State of The Art / Staid Na h-Ealain

    After recent discussion on gaelic culture revival (and anti-gaelic trends) we wanted to reflect on other recent positive developments, in particular a conference that brought […]

    Murdo Macdonald 7th Oct'10 4
  • Death of Capitalism

    Crises of Capitalism

    David Harvey’s must-see animated lecture on the crisis of capitalism.

    5th Oct'10 3
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    Mike Small 4th Oct'10 0

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