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  • Crofting

    Terra Madre

    The Terra Madre (Mother Earth) is a network of food communities, each committed to producing quality food in a  sustainable way. Terra Madre also refers […]

    Iain McKinnon 20th Jun'09 4
  • Calman Report


    The Calman Report was either the biggest thing to happen to Scotland in thirty years or a complete non-event, depending on who you read and […]

    Mike Small 18th Jun'09 8
  • London Olympics
    Mike Small 5th Jun'09 8
  • New Labour

    Unions without the Union

    The British labour movement has traditionally been hostile to independence movements within these isles which are seen as a threat to the unity of the British working class. […]

    Gregor Gall 25th May'09 1
  • New Labour

    WMD, Jobs & the Union

    Last weeks announcement by the MoD that Scotland would now be the location for the entire nuclear submarine fleet couldn’t have come at a worse […]

    Mike Small 10th May'09 3
  • New Labour

    Re Joyce

    If your dog dies you can stuff it and keep it in the hall, but it’s no longer your dog. Labour supporters who believe in […]

    Mike Small 9th May'09 2
  • Anarchism

    Systems Failure

    Why have the poor to take on the failure of capitalism? What’s going on? Is the system collapsing or morphing into something worse? Over stateside Counterpunch […]

    Mike Small 22nd Mar'09 3
  • International

    Con Census

    Do you live in Edinburgh or Lewis and remember the horrors of Abu Ghraib? According to Indymedia Scotland the UK subsidiary of a company that […]

    Mike Small 21st Mar'09 0
  • Nuclear Free Scotland

    Labour Goes Nuclear

    In February Labour’s man in Scotland Jim Murphy announced Labours commitment to a new generation of nuclear power stations in Scotland. This morning Iain Gray – […]

    Mike Small 18th Mar'09 2
  • Politics

    Let the People Decide

    Last nights Scottish Labour Party Political Broadcast was dressed with more saltires than the Tartan Army tour bus, and tried really really hard to convince you that […]

    Mike Small 6th Mar'09 5
  • Media

    Dìomhair *

    This has been a packed month of intrigue and shifting sands in UK constitutional politics, starting with news that polls show support for Independence stiffening […]

    Mike Small 25th Feb'09 6
  • Community Education

    The Pedagogy of the Depressed

    A Critique and Riposte – The Edinburgh Papers 2008 The papers under the general title “Reclaiming Social Purpose in Community Education” were written by members […]

    Mike Small 15th Feb'09 6
  • Anarchism

    I Murder Hate

    Happy 250th Birthday Robert Burns…Michael G (More Whisky Please)argues convincingly that our National Holiday should be Burns Day/Night and not the abstract and insipid St […]

    Michael Gardiner 25th Jan'09 8
  • Politics

    The Ambience of Empire

    A remarkably coherent piece by Andrew O’Hagan appeared in the Guardian at the weekend. He writes about assimilation and sedation: “The Gordon Brown who wrote […]

    Andrew O'Hagan 13th Jan'09 6

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