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  • No Shock Doctrine for Scotland


    By Mike Small “Margaret Thatcher is lying sick in a private hospital bed in Belgravia but her political children have just pushed her agenda further and harder and deeper than she ever dreamed of…” writes, Johann Hari in the Independent… Read More ›

  • Keep Cornwall Whole


    By Ray Bell. We may or may not agree with the idea behind a hunger strike. Almost all of us, however, would agree that such an action is an extreme one, driven by strong emotions and a sense of desperation…. Read More ›

  • If You Have a Racist Friend


    While we have idiots like Labours Michael McCann, while we have the far-right operating amongst the orange disorder, Sarkozy expelling the Roma and a German leader like Merkel spouting forth, we are in dangerous times. While we remain tied to the racist British State its essential we make clear a different approach. It’s vital that here in Scotland we articulate a progression vision for our country.

  • Who Stole Scotland?


    ‘Show the people that our Old Nobility is not noble, that its lands are stolen lands – stolen either by force or fraud; show people that the title-deeds are rapine, murder, massacre, cheating, or court harlotry; dissolve the halo of divinity that surrounds the hereditary title; let the people clearly understand that our present House of Lords is composed largely of descendants of successful pirates and rogues; do these things and you shatter the Romance that keeps the nation numb and spellbound while privilege picks its pocket.’

  • Michael Albert Preview – for Doc8 Glasgow

    Glasgow and Scotland has a considerable scoop in organising for Michael Albert to speak as part of the Doc 8 festival. Albert formed with Robin Hahnel the idea of PARECON (participatory economics) as part of his vision to start ‘Realizing… Read More ›

  • Transition Before Transition, Colin Ward: A Life in Review


    By Jamie Heckert Colin Ward’s writing, spanning three decades and twenty-seven books, focus on recognising the low-input alternatives which already exist and which can help inspire transitions to more resilient and sustainable cultures. His work also shares a number of… Read More ›

  • Generation Less


    Douglas Coupland, author of Generation X, and A, chronicler of the internet era, codifier of minutaie of disaffected sects, neologist and cultural entrepreneur sets out his notes for the future. It’s important because Coupland’s invention of contemporary cultural concepts stick… Read More ›

  • State of The Art / Staid Na h-Ealain


    After recent discussion on gaelic culture revival (and anti-gaelic trends) we wanted to reflect on other recent positive developments, in particular a conference that brought together researchers focusing on the visual tradition and the links between this visual tradition and… Read More ›

  • Crises of Capitalism

    David Harvey’s must-see animated lecture on the crisis of capitalism.

  • Live Events Preview – October/November


    We’re not sure to be delighted or frustrated that there are two radical book fairs happening in Scotland at the same time. Is this evidence that neither end of the M8 activists can co-ordinate with each other -  or that… Read More ›

  • Scottish football: When does the revolution begin?

    Is it time to forget about Jimmy Johnstone?

    Perhaps now is the time for Scottish coaches at every level to forget about Jimmy Johnstone and start encouraging the most talented kids in a team to perfect their passing and movement; show their team mates how to pass through teams rather than run with the ball at defenders. The greedy wee shites who try to beat everyone on their own and only look up to pass when they run into trouble are holding back kids football and at higher levels.

  • Ed’s Redness


    “Mr Miliband’s problem is that while his message will go down well in Labour heartlands such as Scotland, the election is won elsewhere, in England”.

  • Demonstration Effects: Reclaiming Scotland Part 2


    By Donald Adamson In February 1998, William Hague, at the time the new leader of the Conservative party, made a speech at the Centre for Policy Studies in London which captured the collective instincts of his party’s response to New… Read More ›

  • Bad Language & Dodo Journalism


    In 2006, the £4 million Glasgow Gaelic School (the cost equivalent to one mile of a two-lane road) threw open its doors in the city’s west end to a mere 320 pupils. This was to meet enormous pent up demand… Read More ›

  • Gosh, I Got It Wrong……..


    By Brian Quail In the sort of words never to be uttered by Margaret Thatcher or her successor Tony Blair, let me say out loud and clear: Sometimes I get it wrong – spectacularly wrong. For instance, I am the… Read More ›

  • Let the People Decide?

    Could this man be the next First Minister of Scotland?

    By Mike Small This is in part a response to Jeff’s piece over at the brand new Better Nation (is there room for some kind of ‘Alasdair Gray inspires Scottish digital media’ thesis here?). He argues that the delay in… Read More ›

  • Gullibles Travels


    In 1987 the Gruniad started an article describing Tony Blair like this: “A man without a shadow”; a “pleasant man with a pleasant family living in a pleasant North London house”; a bright, telegenic, yet elusive politician with a “smooth facade.” How prescient they were. But fast forward thirty years and poor Tony pitches up in Dublin expecting rapture and got pelters. If it’s A Journey we’ve all been along for the ride.

  • Wallace in Flesh and Stone


    By Christopher Harvie To Lanark to deliver the ‘Guardian’s Address’ at the annual commemoration of Wallace’s death in 1305. By bus from Melrose and a lift from Aileen Campbell MSP from Peebles to Lanark through the glorious John Buchan country…. Read More ›

  • Poet Required


    After hearing Robert Crawford’s compelling evocation of ‘the poet as bearer of cultural tradition’ at the otherwise often dire Edinburgh Book Festival (bland, corporate, rigid, expensive) and his reading of Clan Donald’s Call to Battle at Harlaw, attention has turned… Read More ›

  • They Have No Mandate: Reclaiming Scotland Part 1


    In an important post-election piece, Donald Adamson looks at the options for the independence movement. Despite recent polls there’s no doubt that there’s a need for reflection and re-organisation and this time, in the aftermath of Edwin Morgan and Jimmy… Read More ›

  • In Memoriam Edwin Morgan (1920-2010)


    By Robert Alan Jamieson In a life of 90 years, a degree of transformation is to be expected, as times a-change and people must respond. In Edwin Morgan’s, sheer constancy of place, work and passion is remarkable. One city, one… Read More ›

  • For a Festival of Politics


    Among the festivals competing for space in the capital this August, one leaves writer Gerry Hassan with a distinct lack of festive feelings… Scotland has many wonderful qualities and attributes which make me proud to live and work here, and… Read More ›

  • So now begin


    Open the doors! Light of the day, shine in; light of the mind, shine out! We have a building which is more than a building. There is a commerce between inner and outer, between brightness and shadow, between the world… Read More ›


    Pyramikd of the capitalist system

    As Derek Wall, campaigning to be the Deputy Leader of the Green Party in England writes: ‘Capitalism is like a bicycle – if one stops peddling, it falls over.’ In this extended essay he argues that the economic crisis is… Read More ›

  • Educating Tom


    Poor old Tom Harris has this week been branding anyone questioning the death of David Kelly a conspiracist and a nutter, the assumption being that the British State just doesn’t do that sort of thing, and to suggest so is… Read More ›

  • PFI: Private Fuddery Incorporated

    By Kevin Williamson Over the last three years the Scottish government has taken a principled stand against the use of PFI (Private Finance Initiative) to build new schools. They are currently committed to investing £300 million of public money to… Read More ›

  • Hack the State, Self-Management and Social Media


    Toni Prug (of Hack the State) is coming up to talk in Glasgow this weekend – at the CCA on Saturday and at Govanhill Baths on Sunday. The one at the CCA is called ‘Towards Objects of New Communism: Google,… Read More ›

  • Jimmy Reid: Scottish Socialist

    “I believe in socialism. I believe it will become abundantly clear that globalisation driven by multi-national corporations will be a disaster. I think there will be a resurrection of the idea of socialism…” R.I.P Jimmy Reid. You will be sadly… Read More ›

  • Voting Sham


    By Mike Small This editor has been busier than a BP lawyer in the last few days so to catch-up on some great commentary that’s been hitting the informational super-highways here’s a brief resume of the best on AV, Referenda… Read More ›

  • Troops Out


    By Mike Small Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable. -  George Orwell Afghanistan is little more than a sanitised bloodbath and if Cameron and his Liberals feel this it is still right to be… Read More ›

  • A Lesson from Snowdonia


    By Christopher Harvie I In 1966 I spent Easter working on the Festiniog Railway, then running about half its length from the old slate port of Porthmadog towards Blaenau Festiniog and its moonscape of derelict slate quarries and their gigantic… Read More ›

  • Crack Capitalism


    “Crack Capitalism”, argues that radical change can only come about through the creation, expansion and multiplication of ‘cracks’ in the capitalist system. These cracks are ordinary moments or spaces of rebellion in which we assert a different type of doing…. Read More ›

  • McKaskill, Obama and the Black Black Oil


    By Mike Small Question: When an alcoholic leaves a bar, gets behind the wheel and drunkenly drives into his third or fourth wreck, do you blame the bartender who served the drinks or the alcoholic who drank them? Now answer… Read More ›

  • Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

    "Reclaimed land under control of the bases of support of the EZLN"

    You are invited to a ‘Taste of Freedom: organic coffee and autonomous communities in Mexico’, a workshop each morning to kick-start the Head Zone at the Big Tent Festival. Taste rebel Zapatista coffee from Chiapas, Mexico, hear how the local… Read More ›

  • Please don’t kill the cute little Japanese babies


    There’s a fascinating award-winning documentary being screened on More 4 tonight which will be of particular interest to those who find Japanese people adorable, relatively smart, and hilarious when they perform tricks. It may come as a surprise to some… Read More ›

  • Tom & Gerry


    By Doug the Dug Tom Miers has been in the news lately with his report from the think tank, “Policy Exchange”, entitled, “The Devolution Distraction”. I thought I’d take a look at it and find out exactly what he says… Read More ›

  • From Congo with Love


    The Big Tent, Scotland’s environmental festival (23rd-25th July) launches this Friday 23rd July with the first showing outside London of renowned photographer Rankin’s ‘From Congo with Love’.

  • Breaking the Silence of Scottish Men


    By Gerry Hassan This essay is written as a contribution to starting a debate which is crucial and critical for Scotland’s future: the state of Scottish men. We urgently need to start a wide-ranging debate about Scottish men and masculinities,… Read More ›

  • English Fascists Jailed

    This is interesting given the frequent attempt by some to portray the EDL as a benign force detached from the rest of the fascist and nazi movement in England. The massed ranks of the Aryan Strike Force (ASF) and the… Read More ›

  • Bombing Kelpies

    The Encyclopedia Mythica

    A review by Alastair McIntosh of the journal, Dark Mountain, Vol. 1, Summer 2010 The editors of Bella have kindly drawn my attention to this debate about the Dark Mountain Project that’s been playing out on Bella Caledonia and asked… Read More ›

  • South of the Border

    An inspirational film from Oliver Stone on the experience of many Latin American countries. A vision for Scotland seizing control of its own destiny, not just constitutionally, but in terms of ownership of its energy and utilities, dances through my… Read More ›

  • Letter To George Osbourne

    Chancellor of the Exchequer 11 Downing Street London England 24th June 2010 Dear George Osbourne It has come to my attention that while many of my friends and I were at the funeral of our good friend Paul Reekie (aged… Read More ›

  • Dark Side of the Mountain


    Douglas Strang writes: The Dark Mountain Project began life as a manifesto, published in 2009, by the writers Dougald Hine and Paul Kingsnorth. In it they contend that we are living through a period of unavoidable decline and that the… Read More ›

  • The Democracy Of Books

    “I’m of the opinion that authors should avoid reviewing books of their peers” Philip Kerr. By Kevin Williamson There’s been a nice wee authorial square-go erupted between our very own Philip Kerr and Allan Massie.  Its not quite the talk… Read More ›

  • Letter To MP & MSPs Regarding Israel’s Cowardly Attack On The Humanitarian Aid Convoy

    Impromptu march along Edinburgh's Princes Street against the actions of the Israeli state and in support of the humanitarian aid convoy 31st May 2010

    Letter sent to:  Alistair Darling MP, David McLetchie MSP, Gavin Brown MSP, George Foulkes MSP, Robin Harper MSP, Fiona Hyslop MSP, Margo MacDonald MSP, Ian McKee MSP, Shirley-Anne Somerville MSP 1st June 2010 Dear Alistair Darling MP, et al I’m… Read More ›

  • News from Nowhere


    Mhairi McGregor writes: Questions of leadership are not confined to the Miliband family. At Go Lassie Go, Joan McAlpine asks how Labour will cope without the Big Lies of Jim Murphy? Elsewhere, Kenneth Roy at the Scottish Review riles against maudling… Read More ›

  • A Very English Coup


    It’s not for nothing that the twentieth century is known in ‘Britain’ as the ‘Conservative century’. And make no mistake, if we remain in this dying union much longer, then before we know it, the Conservative twenty-first century will be well underway. No-one does British statecraft like the Tories, as the Liberal Democrats will discover first-hand.

  • Dawn of the Replicants


    The media frenzy (including Adam Boltons hilarious loss of composure with Alasdair Campbell – go here if you’ve missed it) centered around the arcane vagueries of Britain’s non-constitution, the predominant characteristics of which are: nobody knows what’s going on (not even the participants), we make it up as we go along, it all happens behind closed doors, extreme deference is assumed.

  • Song and Dance

    As Liberal apologists quickly ditched their non-existent ‘anti-Trident commitment’ in the scramble for office, this emssage from Trident Ploughshares, Scottish CND, CND UK and the Scottish WILPF… KICK UP A SONG AND DANCE! at FASLANE SAT 5 JUNE 12.30 –… Read More ›

  • Unpeople


    This is the stuff of Burroughs not Orwell. The media elite have created an ‘unpeople’ governed by an invisible party only seen in fleeting glimpses of the ‘campaign’. These ‘unpeople’ also have certain ‘unmentionable’ topics, and this is the reason… Read More ›