Scotland's 5th Estate

  • Poetry

    Noble Poets

    The poetry world is having a meltdown [if you don’t care just to let you know that I don’t care that you don’t care, so […]

    Mike Small 26th Jan'18 10
  • Review

    Scottish Spleen and other Stories

    Christie Williamson’s Shetlandic skites off the page like spume onto skerries – ‘An da wind, da swall, da staur, da bird, da clock’ll tell de […]

    Stuart Paterson 26th Jan'18 0
  • Arts & Culture
    Alistair Heather 26th Jan'18 14
  • Commentary

    Ipso Fact, Oh

    Twin outlooks of British nationalism were given full exposure this week as flag hysteria broke out. Having noticed something dreadful, dire and calamitous (that they […]

    Mike Small 26th Jan'18 9
  • Commentary
    Gordon Guthrie 25th Jan'18 15
  • Commentary

    Oxfam – Inequality Exists Shock

    So, to recap on Wings Oxfam ‘analysis’ of the Oxfam inequality reports: There was a report. It was on their website. It was about Scotland. Inequality […]

    Mike Small 24th Jan'18 43
  • Human Rights
    Jennie Kermode 23rd Jan'18 59
  • Commentary
    Gerry Hassan 23rd Jan'18 148
  • Commentary

    Human Rights? Who Needs Them?

    ‘When beggars die there are no comets seen’: prophetic words from Shakespeare in Act II of Julius Caesar. ‘The heavens themselves blaze forth the death […]

    Effie Samara 23rd Jan'18 4
  • Media

    The Daily Male

    It’s time to end the media sausagefest, argues Katherine Trebeck. Four incidents happened this week that illustrate just how difficult it is for women to […]

    Katherine Trebeck 23rd Jan'18 10
  • Commentary

    A Profligate Junto

    Theresa May’s Alternative Burns Supper is a bold and wonderful act of absurdism, attempting to re-work Burns as a figure of Unionism. It’s a strange list […]

    Mike Small 23rd Jan'18 12
  • Housing

    A Modern Clearance

      ‘Belong anywhere’ reads the Air BnB slogan, which is odd given short-term lets are undermining communities and driving up house prices. Shortly after being […]

    Andy Wightman 22nd Jan'18 7
  • Commentary

    A Future for UKIP

    Brexit has broken the poor UKIP. As we write the current Ukip leader @HenryBolton (as of 15.15)  is currently holed-up in a hotel in Folkestone, said to […]

    22nd Jan'18 4
  • International

    The Importance of Afrîn

    ‘No friends but the mountains’ goes an old Kurdish saying, and as Turkey starts a ground incursion into Kurdish-controlled Afrîn in Syria, it seems to ring […]

    Sarah Glynn 22nd Jan'18 0

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