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    Mike Small 30th Apr'17 41
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    George Gunn 30th Apr'17 5
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    Strong and Stable Spaniels

    In 1981 the Liberal leader David Steel declared boldly: “Go back to your constituencies, and prepare for government!”, in 2017 they are reduced to asking […]

    Mike Small 29th Apr'17 2
  • Film and Animation

    What was Done

    Bonnie Prince Bob reflects on the political history that led to the appointment of England’s greatest ever Prime Minister ‘Jeremy Corbyn’. Enjoy and share.   […]

    28th Apr'17 46
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    Tipping over the Tables

    Justin Kenrick on how to reverse the rise of the populist right and win for ecology and democracy. Part One – Winning back Hope You […]

    Justin Kenrick 27th Apr'17 0
  • Film and Animation

    Folk Film Gathering 2017

    This year our programme for the Folk Film Gathering (29th April to 13th May at Edinburgh Filmhouse and the Scottish Storytelling Centre) consciously sets out […]

    Jamie Chambers 27th Apr'17 4
  • International

    Scotland Keeps Armenian Promise

    Cinema goers in Scotland can take particular interest in The Promise, released this Friday. Directed by Terry George (Hotel Rwanda, In the Name of the […]

    Alasdair Gillon 27th Apr'17 1
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    Triple Lock Britain

    Driving across central Scotland yesterday, through Stirling and across a bit of Perthshire you could see blue signs of Tory electioneering pockmarking fields of (stereotype-alarm), […]

    Mike Small 27th Apr'17 15
  • Scots

    Let us Dae or Dee!

    “LET US DAE OR DEE!” The French springheids o Burns’s Jacobin slogan-cries. Robert Burns’ pairt-takkin fir the French Revolution is a weel-kent pairt o his […]

    Paul Malgrati 25th Apr'17 14
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    Mark Anthony France 23rd Apr'17 23
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    Five out of Six

    It’s pleasant to sit-back and watch as the case for the Union unfolds in the detail of a General Election the Prime Minister didn’t need […]

    Mike Small 22nd Apr'17 18
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    Grieving Britain, a Therapeutic Guide

    Britain is dead. It was killed by neoliberalism not nationalism. They gutted it of its connective tissue, spleen and gizzard too. Now they remoan about […]

    Mike Small 21st Apr'17 5
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    Paul Malgrati 21st Apr'17 12
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    Change the World One Kiss at a Time

    A Barra soundclash with Bella’s resident mixclouder – the Barrastinian – and Runway Graves…

    Barrastinian 20th Apr'17 0

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