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  • Commentary

    A Hollowed-out, Meaningless Project

    Professor Tariq Modood’s speech at one of the launches of These Islands is full of many of the same contradictions that all of the rest […]

    Mike Small 3rd Nov'17 2
  • Catalonia

    A Rebellion Against Nationalism

    Not content with the public shows of violence that shocked the world, the Spanish government is now using totalitarian powers to jail the Catalan government […]

    3rd Nov'17 5
  • Arts & Culture

    Happy Samhuinn

    We are heading towards darker times. 🌟🌟 It creates space for not only introspective nights, but also time to be spent with friends and family. […]

    Jannica Honey 3rd Nov'17 1
  • Music
    3rd Nov'17 1
  • Catalonia

    Proclaim the Republic!

    As the Rajoy Government jail an elected government – this is essential viewing… Filmed by David Whyte Edited by Hazuan Hashim

    David Whyte 2nd Nov'17 0
  • Commentary

    Social Media v Democracy

    Are you feeling a bit like Mercer, the boyfriend in Dave Eggers novel The Circle? In the book digital culture has developed to engulf and […]

    Mike Small 2nd Nov'17 5
  • Scots

    English Speakers! We Want YOU!

    We ken the nummers back tae front bi nou. Oot o five million fowk bidin in Scotland, 1.6 million self-identify as speakers o Scots. That’s […]

    Tammas Clark 2nd Nov'17 11
  • Commentary

    Sleazy Does It

    From Jeffrey Archer and Monica Coghlan (1986), and his subsequent conviction for perjury (2001) through to David Mellor’s resignation after press disclosure of his affair […]

    Mike Small 1st Nov'17 11
  • Arts & Culture

    Loki’s OTHER Hot 100

    From the cultural hallouminati that brought you the now liquidated Freight Books and long since defunct National Collective, comes another list of people so obscure […]

    Loki 1st Nov'17 20
  • Bella10


    We are entering the last few hours of our annual fund-raising campaign. We aim to raise money to use the platform Bella has to reach […]

    31st Oct'17 6
  • Environmental Justice

    Scotland’s Bat Signal

      From around Fife and across the Forth you can see it. It’s Mossmorran, Scotland’s very own Bat Signal in reverse. While the Scottish Government […]

    Mike Small 31st Oct'17 9
  • Children

    Wean’s World

    Here’s a Children’s World Map of countries with a ban on corporal punishment to download and share: “In 1979 Sweden was the very first country […]

    31st Oct'17 0
  • Austerity Britain

    On Conditionality

    Here’s a post in Britain in 2017 in which ‘Sanctioned’ claimants are described as, “so hungry and physically emaciated that they were quickly discounted as […]

    Mike Small 31st Oct'17 0
  • Catalonia

    Saving the Republic

    Liz Castro writes for Bella from Catalonia. (Versió més curta i en català) I have to admit, this was a hard weekend. On Friday, our […]

    Liz Castro 31st Oct'17 14

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