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  • Civil Liberties

    The Rise of Illiberal Democracy

    The recent “Unite the Right” march by a couple of hundred white supremacists, neo-Nazis and other right-wing extremists across the University of Virginia campus offered […]

    Henry Giroux 18th Aug'17 4
  • Commentary

    Strange Fruit

    When we wrote earlier this year of the potential for a neo-fascism to emerge out of the darkness of a Trump presidency we were ridiculed […]

    Mike Small 17th Aug'17 19
  • Commentary
    George Gunn 16th Aug'17 15
  • Events
    Tommy Sheppard 16th Aug'17 0
  • Commentary

    Scotland Your Scotland

    “The Union hasn’t been saved, it’s over” argues Andrew O’Hagan in his Scotland Your Scotland keynote lecture to the Edinburgh Book Festival. “Scotland is a […]

    Andrew O Hagan 16th Aug'17 44
  • Media

    Media Wars

    As part of a new series looking at deeper problems of media and political control beyond just ‘SNPBad’ here ARTIST TAXI DRIVER Chunky Mark interviews […]

    Mike Small 15th Aug'17 3
  • Scots


    Stuart Paterson is ane o the maist vital, vocal an virrsome poets oan the Scottish scene. He screives baith in English an Scots, anent a […]

    Stuart Paterson 14th Aug'17 7
  • Commentary

    Flip Flop Economics

    Remember when it was the jam? Early stages of Brexit the Fantasy (Season 1) we had Andrea Leadsom argue that ‘British jam, tea and biscuits […]

    Mike Small 13th Aug'17 17
  • WMD


    This week Scottish CND group assembled at the Peace Tree beside the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow to remember the civilian men women and children who […]

    Magi Gibson 10th Aug'17 9
  • Arts & Culture
    Jim Monaghan 10th Aug'17 6
  • Commentary

    GalGael 20 Years On

    * In an important piece, first published in the Bella magazine, Gehan Macleod explores the differences between charity and solidarity (charity is vertical, solidarity is […]

    Gehan Macleod 9th Aug'17 5
  • Playlists

    Last Night from Glasgow

    Last Night From Glasgow is a crowd-funded label run by a collection of music lovers who dedicate their spare time and enthusiasm to unsigned bands […]

    Nadine McBay 7th Aug'17 0
  • Events

    On the Trail of Thomas Muir

    This years annual Thomas Muir lecture will be given by Tommy Sheppard. Tommy Sheppard is the MP for Edinburgh East and is on the the […]

    Murray Armstrong 6th Aug'17 5
  • Commentary

    Anglo-British: the Hybrid Nationalism

    Anthony Barnett explains the identity crisis and elite uprising that brought us to the brink of Brexit oblivion. This article was first published in the […]

    Anthony Barnett 6th Aug'17 19

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