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    An Evening for Alasdair Gray


    29th Nov'16 4
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    29th Nov'16 0
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    Scotland’s Pompidou Problem

    As Douglas Robertson’s recent article on fifty years of failed ‘renewal’ outlined, we’re frequently in thrall to under-ambition, short-termism and low aspiration. Things don’t get fixed, problems […]

    Mike Small 29th Nov'16 29
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    Paul Malgrati 29th Nov'16 6
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    Instant Andrew

    Submit a photo to celebrate St Andrew’s Day – take a picture of your self, your place, your pals, your country. It can be a beautiful […]

    28th Nov'16 0
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    Bloody Huguenots Coming Over Here

    Paul Nuttall’s election to take charge of UKIP is a major blow to David Coburn, the candidate Bella was backing for the leadership post. Here […]

    28th Nov'16 4
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    T Break

    The art media’s free pass for the shambles that is T in the Park is extraordinary. Today the Scotsman writes in gushing prose that Geoff […]

    Mike Small 28th Nov'16 19
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    Rory Scothorne 28th Nov'16 28
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    What is it About Evangelicals?

    What is the white evangelicalism with which 25% of Americans identify, of which, according to exit polls, 81% voted for Donald Trump? In the past […]

    Alastair McIntosh 27th Nov'16 73
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    What’s Going on in America?

    [View the story “What’s Going on in America?” on Storify] Likes(4)Dislikes(11)

    26th Nov'16 7
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    Kevin Brown 26th Nov'16 10
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    Britain First

    Laughing / gasping at the American far-right is a thing now, but we’ve got our own wee fascists here too. Trump has white nationalists, we […]

    Mike Small 25th Nov'16 21
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    Abnormal Politics as Usual

    “The Scottish Parliament may have the legal right to block Article 50 entirely.” “… it is recognised that the Parliament of the United Kingdom will […]

    Peter Arnott 25th Nov'16 37
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    Get Allergic

    Picture it, the year’s 2013 and the Glasgow and west coast branches of my family clan are gathered in my cousin’s beautiful dining room in […]

    Heather Pearson 25th Nov'16 0

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