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    Alt-Right on the Night

    From Kirsty Wark’s hilarious opening diatribe in Latin for Newsnight last night, in which she declared Theresa May ‘the imperial master of all before her’ […]

    Mike Small 25th Feb'17 5
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    Michael Gove v Liam O Hare

    [View the story “Michael Gove v Liam O Hare” on Storify] Likes(31)Dislikes(2)

    Mike Small 25th Feb'17 5
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    The Mayor comes to Perth

    The former MP for Tooting, and now Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is one of Beleagured Labour’s most accomplished and talented souls. Or so we’re […]

    Mike Small 25th Feb'17 60
  • Identity

    Scottish Twitter, Scottish Protest

    Scotland is sending out memes like they’re midges, and they’re sinking their teeth into the most powerful man in the world, argues Laura-Claire Wilson. When […]

    LC Wilson 24th Feb'17 28
  • Commentary

    Beyond Logie Durno

    In the face of ongoing crisis of planning and community democracy, such as the recent farce of  a local council planting trees on a football […]

    Graeme Purves 24th Feb'17 9
  • Podcast

    Loki and James Kelman in conversation

    Darren McGarvey and Jim Kelman in conversation, a podcast brought to you by Phantom Power from Milton Arts Project. Likes(11)Dislikes(5)

    Phantom Power 24th Feb'17 3
  • Music

    Only the Dopest

    The fourth of our new weekly Mixtape series to bring you some music for your weekend. Every Friday a guest selects a playlist for you […]

    Bram E Gieben 24th Feb'17 0
  • Review

    Aye’s right!

    Stuart A. Paterson’s recent pamphlet, Aye, for Tapsalteerie signals a return to his native Scots, following the success of his last English-language collection, Border Lines, […]

    Marcas Mac an Tuairneir 22nd Feb'17 0
  • Media

    BBC Scotland is a Showstopper

    There’s much to be celebrated in todays announcement from the BBC about a dedicated channel BBC Scotland: “Compared to 2015/16, this means we will be […]

    Mike Small 22nd Feb'17 81
  • Postcard

    Degrowth, Steam Trains and K-Punk

    Bella Postcard: our weekly series of micro blogs, a (very) random ‘best of the web’. Like a bit of heavyweight “degrowth” analysis? Eleanor Finley from […]

    21st Feb'17 1
  • Commentary

    Remembering Paddy Bort 1954-2017

    “So shocked and grieved to hear this. A grand European, a kindliest counsellor, a wise and merry man in so many countries. We all came to […]

    Christopher Harvie 21st Feb'17 2
  • International

    Looking for Peace in Jerusalem

    So in a week I’m sixty five, my God how did that happen? And I’m here a bald OAP living in a hostel in a Jerusalem […]

    Maxwell MacLeod 21st Feb'17 10
  • Arts & Culture

    I Still Believe in Miracles

    On Sunday 100 protestors gathered at Inverleith House in Edinburgh to challenge what has been described as a work of cultural and civic vandalism – the […]

    Mike Small 20th Feb'17 2
  • Media

    The Joy of Six

    The cancellation of the Scottish Six broadcast is the end of one of Scotland’s longest-running media sagas. It’s an issue that used to be a […]

    Mike Small 19th Feb'17 27

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