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    Scotland, Dark Money and the Prince

    As vans trundle around London in the crudest propaganda campaign for an insidious regime the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is welcomed to Britain […]

    Mike Small 7th Mar'18 2
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    The Reality After this One

    Peter Arnott suggests that Scottish independence, when it comes, will be ‘as natural as rain’, but we may have to wait until the Brexit plays […]

    Peter Arnott 6th Mar'18 137
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    Meet the New Bosses

    John Cawley asks : who runs Scotland? How do we fight the corporate capture of Scottish politics by lobbyists, journalists who are also lobbyists and […]

    John Cawley 6th Mar'18 16
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    The Manknell Doctrine

    I was struck by an editorial in the Senscot Bulletin by Laurence Demarco, a seasoned observer of the Third Sector world of NGOs, social enterprises […]

    Alastair McIntosh 4th Mar'18 18
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    Berlin Dreams

    Reflections on humanness and dehumanisation by Paul Tritschler on what Kurt Vonnegut – an eyewitness to the Dresden raid described as ‘the greatest massacre in […]

    Paul Tritschler 4th Mar'18 7
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    4th Mar'18 5
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    Bordering On The Ludicrous

    Gordon Guthrie on the ongoing Brexit farce and the hypocrisy and shambles of the Westminster Government’s Irish policy. “We’ve got them right where they want […]

    Gordon Guthrie 3rd Mar'18 9
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    Independent Futures

    David Jamieson and Jonathon Shafi raise some of the biggest, yet little discussed, challenges that lie ahead for the independence movement and confront the difficult […]

    David Jamieson and Jonathon Shafi 3rd Mar'18 55
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    40 Years Of Sobering-Up

    Clare Galloway reflects on her personal – and our national relationship with alcohol. People who drink too much, by definition, can’t appreciate the damage they […]

    Clare Galloway 2nd Mar'18 57
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    On the Road to Nowhere

    This was the Prime Ministers Road to Brexit speech, meant to be the crescendo of a series of public performances to put us all at […]

    Mike Small 2nd Mar'18 13
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    Fake News

    A timely deconstruction of how Fake News operates in the UK and how the right-wing press has jumped from one propaganda model to another from […]

    Mike Small 2nd Mar'18 4
  • Renewable Energy
    Katie Laing 1st Mar'18 25
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    Start with a Single Step

    So, let’s imagine ourselves in the not-too-distant future. We’ve fought another independence referendum and, this time, we’ve won. Scotland shall be an independent country. What […]

    Craig Dalzell 28th Feb'18 35
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    Ewen McLachlan 28th Feb'18 5

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