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    How Soon is Now is Not the Time

    Theresa May has spent months telling everyone that she would not hold a snap election. It would be wrong. “I mean what I say and […]

    Mike Small 18th Apr'17 37
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    First of all, this is clearly a fucking conspiracy to stop me getting any work done. And second, this is going to be hellish. What […]

    Peter Arnott 18th Apr'17 14
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    Values of the Vicarage

    Can you feel it? Everyone coming together like a 1970s Coca-Cola ad? As our unelected PM put it in her Easter message to the masses: […]

    17th Apr'17 0
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    Total Eclipse of the Sun

    In a fit of self-parody The Sun has suspended Kelvin Mackenzie for writing something they proof-read, edited & then printed. Everton has now followed Liverpool […]

    Mike Small 17th Apr'17 7
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    What is Holyrood for?

    One positive to take out of the last few days – and indeed it’s been a deeply disappointing few days, culminating in Ruth Davidson telling […]

    Kimberley Cadden 16th Apr'17 26
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    Sonja Henrici 15th Apr'17 9
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    Unsubmissive France

    We should know by now that nothing is for certain in politics. We are living in an era of massive change. The high water mark […]

    Jonathon Shafi 14th Apr'17 3
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    Mike Small 13th Apr'17 41
  • Social Movement

    Scrap the Clause

    Ahead of this evenings demo in George Square, Ceris Aston @insocrates argues that it’s time to stand up for our rights and for the rights […]

    Ceris Aston 13th Apr'17 5
  • International
    Mike Small 11th Apr'17 1
  • Left
    Neil Davidson 10th Apr'17 23
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    Easter Abroad

    The main pillars of the case for continuing dependence are crumbling each week. The vision of an economy tied to a fluctuating petro-chemical resource was […]

    Mike Small 10th Apr'17 17
  • Identity
    Andrés N. Ordorica 10th Apr'17 5

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