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    Remembering Norman Maclean

    Norman Maclean (26 December 1936 – 31 August 2017), I knew Norman Maclean for the last seven years of his storied life. I first met […]

    Jamie Chambers 5th Sep'17 8
  • Commentary

    Fight back Against McJobs

    Strikes at McDonalds in Crayford and Cambridge – where the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) balloted for strike action and received an overwhelming […]

    Mike Small 4th Sep'17 1
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    Scents & Sensibility

    Commentator and novelist, Sara Sheridan, found her voice as an activist during Indyref. Afterwards she set up a pioneering company making feminist perfume. Yes, you […]

    Sara Sheridan 4th Sep'17 3
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    Hacking History

    The issue of statues monuments and who owns public space has come alive as the US implodes over the issue of whether to take down […]

    4th Sep'17 15
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    Gordon Guthrie 3rd Sep'17 9
  • Commentary

    A Crack in History

    Like many of the political events of recent years, the surge in support for Labour under Jeremy Corbyn at the UK general election was supposed […]

    Dougald Hine and Keith Kahn-Harris 1st Sep'17 2
  • Antifascism

    Trickle Down Violence

    State violence seems endemic in the west, given legitimacy by the language of those in power and emboldened by a shrill off-the-leash media desperate for […]

    Mike Small 1st Sep'17 5
  • Arts & Culture

    Sea Prayer

    It’s the second anniversary of the death of three-year old Alan Kurdi. Now it’s estimated that over 8,000 people have died or disappeared while attempting […]

    1st Sep'17 0
  • Social Movement
    J.Z. Garrod 1st Sep'17 0
  • Commentary

    Where are we Now?

    Scotland, and its now gloriously liberated neighbour, seems like an odd place to live in this late summer. Elite rule has failed but we don’t […]

    Mike Small 29th Aug'17 18
  • Antifascism

    The Liberal Myth of Free Speech

    Being unabashedly opposed to fascism has become, strangely, a position that requires increasing amounts of justification in modern America. Mainstream voices have used the growth […]

    Anonymous 28th Aug'17 4
  • Climate Change
    Kurt Cobb 28th Aug'17 2
  • Commentary

    If not here, then where?

    If not here, then where? On Douglas Ross’ war against the Gypsy/Traveller community in Moray. If you were prime minister for the day, without any […]

    Lynne Tammi 28th Aug'17 6
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    We’ve been trying to resolve a problem that a handful of people have been having with the Comments system. We’ve run extensive tests and we […]

    28th Aug'17 9

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