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    A Dangerous Narrative

    Lost amid the clamour of ‘Advice for the SNP’ articles – plus, of course, carnage in London, the Brexit fiasco and chaos at the heart […]

    Alan Bissett 21st Jun'17 87
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    Catching the Wave

    We have reached a watershed for UK politics: Time for independence to catch the wave of change argues Gerry Hassan. These are bewildering and often […]

    Gerry Hassan 20th Jun'17 22
  • Climate Change

    Control Knobs

    The Trump Slow/Hot meltdown continues to deliver high quality comedy gems on an almost hourly basis. Steve Bannon, often portrayed as the intellectual colossus behind the […]

    Mike Small 20th Jun'17 0
  • Peace activism
    20th Jun'17 5
  • Arts & Culture

    Provocations for a Culture Strategy

    For reasons opaque to me, I’ve been invited to a Scottish Government workshop on Culture Strategy next week. I’m not quite sure what will happen […]

    Harry Giles 20th Jun'17 28
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    McTernanator and the Quiet Victory

    Politics as we know is full of rough and tumble, and few have been schooled better in hard-knocks than one John McTernan, the sage like […]

    Mike Small 20th Jun'17 3
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    Jacob’s Crackers

    Something called Pollstation has a survey today asking readers Who Should be the Next Conservative Party Leader? – which is very divisive of them. I was […]

    Mike Small 20th Jun'17 10
  • Journey to Yes

    Journey to Yes #16 Economy

    “There are choices to be made”. Richard Murphy of the the Tax Justice Network, and Professor of Practice in International Political Economy at City University, […]

    Phantom Power 20th Jun'17 5
  • Antifascism

    Good Morning Britain

    Tommy Robinson appeared on Alexa Jones programme for far-right fantasists, and the next thing he’s booked by to appear on Good Morning Britain. 12 days before the […]

    Mike Small 20th Jun'17 18
  • Events

    Mcsmorgasbord meets the Bold Scotland

    An evening with Lesley Riddoch and Gerry Hassan discussing Brexit, independence, and the state of Britain organised by Commonweal Fife. Both writers have new books […]

    19th Jun'17 6
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    Dark Tower

    This isn’t a political crisis for the Conservative Party, or an individual problem for Theresa May’s career trajectory, it is a much deeper crisis of […]

    Mike Small 18th Jun'17 21
  • Arts & Culture

    Khadija Saye

    Rose Strang reflects on the life and work of Khadija Saye, an important emerging artist who lived on the 20th floor of the Grenfell tower […]

    Rose Strang 18th Jun'17 1
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    Out of the Silos

    The reality of relations between the dispossessed and the elite of this country haven’t been as raw and exposed since Orgreave. But some of the […]

    Mike Small 17th Jun'17 15
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    Bill Wilson 16th Jun'17 34

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