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  • Labour

    A Leftwing Utopian Fantasy

    It’s easily forgotten that it was Ed Balls standing up and agreeing with Osborne ‘s catastrophic ‘austerity’ budget that was the final straw for thousands of […]

    Mike Small 30th Aug'16 32
  • Environmental Justice


    Walking in the hills for pleasure prodded the land access movement – the ‘unshakeable’ Scottish attitude that ‘the countryside is ours’, as Adam Watson puts […]

    Alec Finlay 29th Aug'16 11
  • Media

    A Sign, a Symbol

    If your political base has crumbled and you are trying to reach the road to recovery, symbolism is important. From the wreckage that is the […]

    Mike Small 29th Aug'16 18
  • International
    29th Aug'16 3
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig

    Gaoth Bhlàth bhon Ear

    Is iomadh fear agus tè às na h-Eileanan an Iar a choisinn cliù dhaibh fhèin san t-saoghal. Smaoinich air Alasdair MacCoinnich à Steòrnabhagh, an taisgealaiche […]

    Ruairidh MacÌomhair 29th Aug'16 0
  • English Culture
    Anthony Barnett 28th Aug'16 70
  • Commentary

    Remember the Panama Papers?

    How quickly we forget. It was just four months ago we learned of the role of Panama in helping so many rich and famous folk […]

    Ronnie Morrison 26th Aug'16 10
  • Scots

    The Age o Excellence

    Pairt Twa o John Hodgart’s series on Scottish Culture in the curriculum. Efter mony curricular revisions in the saicond hauf o the twentieth century, the […]

    John Hodgart 26th Aug'16 11
  • Economics

    What does GERS tell us?

    The publication of GERS – an assessment of Scotland’s nominal public finances – is by common consent the most tedious event in our political calendar. […]

    Jamie Maxwell 26th Aug'16 81
  • Arts & Culture

    The Art of Labour

    Today Jeremy Corbyn is launching a ‘comprehensive strategy for the arts’ in Edinburgh, but it will have little or nothing to do with Edinburgh or […]

    Mike Small 26th Aug'16 23
  • Commentary
    John Cawley 25th Aug'16 17
  • Music

    Rappers v Poets

    This from Drew Devine @WerdSOS just about says it all on Scotland & Brexit. [Get more from him at Bandcamp here] Likes(11)Dislikes(3)

    25th Aug'16 0
  • Arts & Culture

    How I Want Thee

    ‘How I want thee, humorous Hogarth! Thou, I hear, a pleasant rogue art. Were but you and I acquainted, Every monster should be painted: You […]

    Dial M for Murdo 25th Aug'16 6
  • Economics
    John S Warren 24th Aug'16 87

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