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  • Scots

    A Year o Scots

    Bella, tak a bow. Roon o applause, peepul. Aabody that wants the Scots language tae stey a pairt o Scottish life and no dee the […]

    Matthew Fitt 16th Dec'16 13
  • International
    Gordon Guthrie 16th Dec'16 6
  • Local democracy
    Andy Wightman 16th Dec'16 23
  • Football

    The Malky Mackay Redemption Handbook

    Just when you think the SFA can sink no lower and display no further levels of incompetence, they surprise you. In a time when a […]

    Mike Small 16th Dec'16 23
  • Review
    John O'Dowd 14th Dec'16 62
  • Arts & Culture

    Adam Curtis interview

    This from Chapo House an American politics and comedy podcast hosted by Will Menaker, Matt Christman and Felix Biederman. Will Menaker interviews Adam Curtis, maker […]

    14th Dec'16 6
  • Review

    Scotland the Bold

    Review of Scotland the Bold by Gerry Hassan, Freight Books, Glasgow, 2016, £9.99. Available from Word Power books. Politics is the lifeblood for some, and […]

    Alastair McIntosh 14th Dec'16 28
  • Referendum on Independence
    Mike Small 13th Dec'16 33
  • Arts & Culture

    A Toxic Culture

    AL Kennedy was yesterday awarded the Heine Prize in Dusseldorf, Germany. The prize is “to personalities who serve by their intellectual heritage in terms of […]

    AL Kennedy 13th Dec'16 27
  • International

    What’s going on in America?

    [View the story “What’s Going on in America?” on Storify] Likes(3)Dislikes(0)

    12th Dec'16 30
  • Commentary

    2016, a Dictionary

    Citizens of Nowhere – in this year of tumultuous change, let’s take another look at that most insidious beast, the language used to distort, manipulate […]

    Mike Small 11th Dec'16 17
  • Environmental Justice

    Standing Our Ground

    Standing Rock Last Sunday the US Army Corps of Engineers announced that it would not grant the permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline to drill […]

    Justin Kenrick 11th Dec'16 5
  • Commentary

    Fix the Train, then Get On It

    It seems barely a week goes by without the debate on criticism from within the Independence camp rears its fire-breathing, double-sided head on social media […]

    Laura Waddell 10th Dec'16 37
  • Commentary

    Print Your Own Labels

    Every six months or so I meet my friend’s son for a catch up. He’s twenty-one and has left home in the highlands for uni […]

    Heather Pearson 9th Dec'16 22

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