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  • Catalonia
    David Whyte 3rd Oct'17 5
  • Commentary

    Trafalgar, Magna Carta, Waterloo

    The despondent Tory cult gathering in Manchester has given the world some extraordinary rhetoric this week as they try to come to terms with their […]

    Mike Small 3rd Oct'17 8
  • Anarchism

    Addicted to Power

    Catalan Referendum: an Anarchist Perspective

    3rd Oct'17 2
  • Scots
    Tammas Clark 2nd Oct'17 0
  • Poetry

    Catalonia Caledonia

      (The Falangists reappear on the streets of Barcelona 1.10.17) If they were given permission by the Angel of History to be confounded by their […]

    George Gunn 2nd Oct'17 2
  • Commentary

    Saving the Union

     Catalonia is not Spain – but Catalonia is not Scotland either.

    Mike Small 2nd Oct'17 22
  • Bella10

    Bella Ceilidh with Griogair Labhruidh

    As part of our season of celebrating our 10th anniversary, we are holding a series of parties, gigs and fundraisers across the country. We kick-off […]

    1st Oct'17 0
  • Catalonia

    Castro on Catalonia

    Indispensable interview with writer Liz Castro on Catalonia’s historic independence referendum. Good primer on background to the movement and the conflict …     * […]

    Phantom Power 1st Oct'17 7
  • Commentary
    George Gunn 1st Oct'17 7
  • Bella10

    Bella is 10: Back Us

    Since 2007 we’ve been publishing critical content trying to make sense of the world around us, as movements for popular sovereignty and against austerity gained […]

    Mike Small 30th Sep'17 1
  • Media

    A Decade of Writing

    We are celebrating still being around after ten years. It’s our birthday! Send us a monthly present here. Here are a selection of some of […]

    Mike Small 30th Sep'17 0
  • Media

    Ian Bell Prize for New Writing

    The National Union of Journalists Edinburgh Branch and Ian Bell’s family invite entries by young writers for a new award to commemorate Ian Bell, the […]

    29th Sep'17 3
  • Commentary

    The Key that Opens the Lock

    Make no mistake, what is happening in Catalonia is a thuggish and ugly right-wing coup.  The full mechanisms of Catalonian government, the police, the transport […]

    David Whyte 28th Sep'17 6
  • Commentary

    Self Determination and Human Rights

    “If I have a problem with my wife, I send flowers ,” Josep Borrell [1] Josep Borrell, Socialist former President of the European Parliament, who […]

    Andrew Anderson 26th Sep'17 8

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