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    Yeast Extract

    The euphoria about announcing a consultation was contained. Contained because whilst the unfolding nightmare of post-geography, pre-trigger Britain is a pretty unedifying spectacle, many of the […]

    Mike Small 15th Oct'16 13
  • Review
    Nadine McBay 15th Oct'16 4
  • SNP

    SNP Conference: Making Members Matter

    Rory Steel (SNP Youth Vice Convener and SNP Socialists Convener) puts forward the case for transforming the Standing Orders and Agenda Committee (SOAC), and democratising […]

    Rory Steel 13th Oct'16 11
  • WMD

    A Ban is Coming

    Despite the best efforts of Theresa to renew Trident, no questions asked, the world is preparing to ensure that events will overtake her preparedness to […]

    Janet Fenton 13th Oct'16 15
  • Scots

    Angus an the Slave Trade

    Back in 2006 haein a tour o the Barrack Street Collections unit in Dundee, a biggin bein yaised then for the forthcomin flit back tae […]

    Lisa Simmons 13th Oct'16 5
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    The Day I Went Deaf

    Bella’s track of the week is Stanley Odd’s The Day I Went Deaf The Day I Went Deaf EP by Stanley Odd Likes(9)Dislikes(0)

    13th Oct'16 0
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    Gerry Hassan 12th Oct'16 55
  • Music
    Kevin Brown 11th Oct'16 6
  • Banking Crisis

    Making it Happen

    We all know that the Royal Bank of Scotland went rogue under Fred Goodwin. What was less clear – until yesterday anyway – was that, […]

    Ian Fraser 11th Oct'16 28
  • Economics

    Take Back Control

    Richard Taylor on a fantastic opportunity to take back control of our money from the commercial banks which could be key to indyref2. Positive Money […]

    Richard Taylor 11th Oct'16 20
  • Europe
    Ugne Viktorija Budre 11th Oct'16 1
  • Music

    From Swamptrash to Shooglenifty

    Magnificent fiddler Angus Grant of Shooglenifty has died aged just 49. A few years ago I programmed the Big Tent Festival in Fife. The Treacherous […]

    Mike Small 10th Oct'16 10
  • Media
    10th Oct'16 0
  • Currency


    Remember when Kirsty Wark ran a whole programme from a tent by the Tweed before the referendum? It was all a bit ‘Land o Kilts’ […]

    Mike Small 10th Oct'16 17

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