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    The Demographics of Independence

    This presentation by Dr Craig Dalzell (@thecommongreen)- ‘Demographics of Independence’ from the Scottish independence Convention’s Build 2017 conference – raises significant issues (and clarity) about […]

    18th Jan'17 6
  • Scots

    Yes Nae Mair

    When ah heidit up tae Galashiels on Friday morn, ye widnae hae kent that it wis a world gaun tapsalteerie, an that aw ower the […]

    Tammas Clark 29th Jun'16 15
  • Interview

    Interview with Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh

    In an interview with Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh we discussed Women for Indy, the Yes movement, gender and religion, online abuse and political journeys. *** PLEASE GO HERE […]

    Mike Small 1st Jun'16 9
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    Tommy Sheppard 30th May'16 25
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    The East Renfrewshire Problem

    At the 2014 independence referendum, turnout in East Renfrewshire, one of Scotland’s leafiest constituencies, was 90 per cent. By contrast, in Glasgow and Dundee, the […]

    Jamie Maxwell 12th May'16 90
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    Alan Bissett 8th May'16 93
  • #Indyref2
    24th Mar'16 7
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    Scotland: The Utopia That Never Was

    According to some, getting retweeted by No voters and unionist journalists, occasionally, means you are being endorsed by the establishment.  All my dead family and […]

    Loki 7th Dec'15 355
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    The Day After a Year Ago

    With the Clackmannan result in, I really needed to go. In the time it took to get to the door The Glad Café had become […]

    Douglas Robertson 20th Sep'15 35
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    Justin Kenrick 8th May'15 26
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    The Vitality of Yes

    At the end of this remarkable year, what stands out most clearly for me is that the Yes campaign has changed Scotland in ways that […]

    Blair Jenkins 19th Dec'14 17
  • General Election 2015

    Stewart Hosie calls for Yes Alliance

      Exclusively to Bella Stewart Hosie calls for a Yes Alliance to contest the 2015 General Election. Hosie MP, candidate for the SNP Depute Leadership […]

    Mike Small 21st Oct'14 109
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    Patrick Scott Hogg 12th Oct'14 198
  • Journey to Yes

    Moving to Yes

    “When I enter the polling booth I will vote not as a Scot but as a person, a citizen, a worker, a man, a son, […]

    Adrian Girling 26th Aug'14 4
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