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The Positive Case for the Union

It’s Back! By popular demand!

In a Bella exclusive we can unveil the POSITIVE CASE FOR THE UNION! Having waited years for Darling, Lamont or Gordon Brown to step forward, for Cameron or Baron Foulkes to outline the reason why we are, truly Better Together’ or for Brian Wilson or Gideon Osbourne to articulate it in words, we can reveal, finally, the truth …

Sausage rolls? Roll in Sausage more like!

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  1. ‘Red sauce, brown sauce or no sauce at all?’ That is the meat of the question.

    1. bellacaledonia says:

      Indeed it is, I’m sure Better Together will be exploring this and other important subjects soon

  2. i kind of feel sorry for this poor guy….you may take my steakbake but you’ll never take……ma sausage rolls pmsl

  3. I still don’t get why they posted that video in the first place. To make matters worse they then made it private in an attempt to suppress it which is the worst thing you can do after a howler like that video.

    I do sometimes wonder if you should have to pass a basic knowledge test to vote…

  4. theeforsakenone says:

    The funny thing is that apart from saying he’ll be voting to stay in the UK and saying ‘Better Together’ at the end, everything he says is pretty much what Alex Neil argued when he said being independent wouldn’t stop you being British.

    1. bellacaledonia says:

      Well that is true, but don’t confuse the argument with facts.

      1. theeforsakenone says:

        Yes I know things like that are unwelcome in debates. Naturally if I uttered this on TV I would get talked over by a Unionist politician. 🙂

  5. Paul Cochrane says:

    Just think mate, if we go independent it won’t be wee sausage rolls it’ll be big wans!

    1. Arbroath1320 says:

      They may be big wans when we gain Independence Paul, but pair wee Ryan cannae haun’l BIG wans!

  6. David McCann says:

    Donald the social worker is a cracker too! Where do they get them? Is it a spoof?

    1. theeforsakenone says:

      I thought Donald was about to have a heart attack. The look of fear when a bus drove past behind him was quite something.

  7. David McCann says:

    Now this is what I call a persuasive reason to vote Yes-David Hayman’s interview on STV.
    Watch it here.

  8. Tris says:

    I loved the comment on you tube asking them of they couldn’t dumb it down a little more… the writer having got lost at ‘sausage rolls’.

    I couldn’t understand most of what he was saying, he sounded a bit like some of my mates after a really hard night.

  9. David Moynagh says:

    Once Scotland is independent, the two sausages in charge at westminster can roll around all they like with their parasitic clan. We are better off without the westminster bangers.

  10. I don’t know what you are all on about – that silver-tongued genius sure persuaded me!

  11. Tocasaid says:

    Does independence mean I cannae have some Welsh Rarebit an aw?

  12. Stevie says:

    I thought this was a spoof at first but clearly their Brit nat superhero, Roll’nsausageman is not actually someone extracting the urine.

    Roll with sausage = better together

  13. Stevie says:

    The Roll ‘n sausage argument — history will mark the day that the humble mutterings of this person captured the essence of what the NO campaign was trying to communicate — it’s genius. It’s a machiavelian attempt to make us think, ‘Dear heck, we are indeed too wee, too sma’ ‘n too stupit”.

    I actually feel dumber after watching it than I did before it — it sucks the brain empty.

    Roll’nsausageman is their secret weapon.

  14. Barney says:

    At last a true intellectual that presents the Belters Together case for dependification –

    Do you prefer?

    1. A Sausage Roll
    2. A Slice of Lorne Sausage

    No brainer for me!

  15. Don McC says:

    With the threatened closer of Halls, somebody better tell this guy his whole way of life is under threat!

  16. Osbert says:

    I thought it was pretty persuasive until I clicked ‘play’ – my screen showed, thanks to the wonder of google algorithms:

    Vote No To Indepence Because

    50% off iPhone Insurance

    Worth thinking about…

  17. Doug Daniel says:

    Bear in mind that these chumps thought this was the kind of thing which would persuade people to stay in the union.

    How thick do they think we are? No wonder they think we’re too stupid to run our own affairs.

  18. I wonder what they were handing out at the launch party. That guy looks and sounds high as anything!

  19. So all the YES campaign have to do is promise more and better sausage rolls in an independent Scotland, and people like this will be won over?

  20. Waqar Ali says:

    My first thought “Damn, he sounds like he’s high”
    Second thought “Damn, this isn’t a joke. Wow.”
    Third thought “Na, this cannae be not a pisstake…”

  21. Now I have been thinking and dagerous as it is I will persist.I have been thinking about the British thing and how some of our southern neighbours have this claim that we Scots don’t embrace being British,may I say the English establishment only start this British thing when they want to use the other people of this island,as there are so many cases when its always England never Britain until a Scot is winning or a Welsh person has won,it came to me that it is done in so many “little” ways.Even using the comedy programs like “Dad’s Army” the intro had England emblazoned across the south coast,yes that is part of England but were was the rest of Britain then?I have noticed this on numerous occasions and my wife always says ach “its only” whatever and not important,but as I continued thinking .Its like have just one little brick.its only one but when you get a thousand you get enough to build a wall,and that is what has been done all these little bricks have built the wall to divide.

  22. As the ‘NO’ campaign have taken your link offline some kind person has relaunched it here.

  23. Desperate Dora says:

    I was puzzled about the “wee dog” bit – what did it have to do with sausage rolls – then I thought, maybe he was about to launch into a defence of hot dogs as well.

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