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  1. Marian says:

    This is what the YES campaigners must be focussing on in the next 16 weeks before we vote.

    Never mind the garbage coming out of Project Fear because its all lies repeated over and over again as that is all they have to say to Scotland.

    Get out there and tell the people the truth about Scotland’s future once independent because this is where the battle for votes will be won.

  2. africraigs says:

    Excellent! I’m thousands of miles away from Scotland so can’t be involved in this, but great to see people out speaking directly to others speaking the truth about independence. The media is so biased, it’s the only way to get the message across!

  3. manandboy says:

    Terrific – and what a great example to the rest of the country !

    People need to know – they can’t vote Labour in the Referendum.

    They can only vote either FOR Scotland or AGAINST Scotland.

    That’s what it boils down to.

    They’ve no other choice.

  4. Clootie says:

    RIC – you are doing a great job – proud of you all!

  5. James D says:

    I am a relatively inexperienced Yes campaigner in East Lothian and help man a stall as well as knock on doors.
    One of the problems I find with those who say they are totally against independence is their absolute refusal to listen to any reasoned argument. No matter how you approach them their hands go over their ears and they hum lalala songs to themselves. I wonder if any other activists have techniques to breakdown this barrier or is it just simply a case of walking away and speaking to someone more receptive to reason. The problem is I hate walking away.

    1. Clootie says:

      Hi James

      Last year I would have said let them go and focus on the receptive. However we can no longer afford to do that.

      I have found that you only have a few seconds before they “escape” so I go for a parting question “what do you think of the growth in foodbanks” / “Are you happy with the cost of the replacement for Trident” / “What do you think about our renewables potential”. If they turn back to discuss it then you have a chance for debate. I know others who use humour (banter). I don’t think the problem has one solution but the common theme is that it has to be short and quick.

      My own view is that once they start talking – let them. It’s amazing how many people convince themselves once they start to think about it. Most people are too busy living to think about “what ifs”

      1. JamesD says:

        Hi Clootie,

        Many thanks for your suggestions. I know that we cannot afford to walk away and it is something I will only do as an absolute last resort. But I have had them sticking their face an inch away from mine and spluttering the usual nonsense. I have tried humour and the other suggetsions you have made. You need a sense of humour to do what we do!
        And of course there is no magic bullet. We just keep plugging away.
        But I sense more and more a deep seated fear amongst the BT lot and I have noted a few articles starting to appear on the psychology of the no voter. Interesting.
        Thanks again Clootie and keep up the good work.


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