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    RIC Spring Conference

    The Radical Independence Campaign held its Spring Conference in Edinburgh on Saturday, 10th March. The conference was designed as one where the Left could take […]

    Allan Armstrong 15th Mar'18 5
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    Strategic Thinking

    The Radical Independence Campaign welcomes the recent series of Yes workshops, following last November’s successful ‘Bridges to Indy’ conference.  These are undertaking the necessary grassroots […]

    27th Feb'18 5
  • Commentary

    This Election is Not Normal

    Theresa May’s forthcoming general election is not a normal election. It is being called in defiance of the Tories’ own 2011 Fixed Term Parliament Act. […]

    Allan Armstrong 25th May'17 12
  • Radical Independence

    10 Reflections from RIC 2016

    On Saturday the Radical Independence Campaign held what will be looked back on as an important staging post in positioning the pro-independence left in relation […]

    Jonathon Shafi 4th Oct'16 11
  • Yes Scotland

    After Britain

    “…in combination with a pro-independence majority in Holyrood, a terminally weak Scottish Labour Party, and a British ruling class in crisis means that there may […]

    Jonathon Shafi 17th Sep'16 47
  • Collapsononics

    Anti-Austerity / Pro-Democracy

    Cat Boyd previews the launch of RISE in Glasgow …

    Cat Boyd 28th Aug'15 32
  • Commentary

    A Scottish Satyagraha

    This statement from RIC amounts to a Scottish Satyagraha. While the focus has rightly been on the extraordinary parliamentary results, this statement brings the focus right […]

    Mike Small 14th May'15 18
  • Commentary

    Hope Over Fear?

    By Robin McAlpine I never really wanted any front-line political or public role and avoided it for most of my career. One of the reasons […]

    Robin McAlpine 28th Apr'15 182
  • Film and Animation

    Bernadette McAliskey RIC 2014

    Continuing or reporting from RIC2024 we have this talk from the inspirational Bernadette McAliskey …

    Bernadette McAliskey 27th Nov'14 12
  • Commentary

    RIC and the People’s Vow

    The Radical Independence will continue to be a radical campaign, and it will continue to go from strength to strength, because we have seen what […]

    Cat Boyd 23rd Nov'14 17
  • Events

    On RIC 2014

    RIC’s Jonathon Shafi looks ahead to Saturday’s gathering and lays out some of the ways that this has been curated into a more participatory forward-focused […]

    Jonathon Shafi 17th Nov'14 8
  • Commentary

    The Next Step for the RIC

    In the aftermath of the No vote, we have seen a massive rise in people joining the SNP though Greens and SSP have also saw […]

    Conor Cheyne 4th Nov'14 112
  • Commentary

    Mass Canvass and on

    Yesterday’s nationwide Mass Canvass by the Radical Independence Campaign was another milestone for the grassroots yes campaign, and also for the pro-independence radical left. With […]

    David Jamieson 24th Jun'14 4
  • Media

    Help us distribute Closer

    We want your help to distribute Closer magazine. We are looking for groups or individuals willing to help us out: here’s the deal. We send […]

    Mike Small 19th Jun'14 1
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