The News Where You Are as read by James Robertson, from the Bus Party (Kingskettle)

The Bus Party is a touring group of artists, listening across Scotland in the run up to the Referendum, and asking, “What kind of Scotland do you want?”

In 1997, William McIlvanney led a group of fellow artists on a bus tour round Scotland in the run up to the referendum on the Scottish Parliament. They were listening to local people’s views on the kind of Scotland they wanted to live in after the referendum, whether they were voting Yes or No. Now the bus is back, riding towards the referendum on September 18, asking the same question, “What kind of Scotland do you want?” Our “Listening Lugs” tour runs from May 24 to May 31.

As a non-partisan civic arts tour, we are listening to local communities in community centres, art centres, libraries, churches and book shops from Stromness to Stirling, opening up the conversation on the sort of society local communities want in music and song, poetry and readings from the artists on the bus.

You can connect with the Bus Party here.