51mjaIbyytL._SS280Bella Caledonia: Songs for Scotland the Album is the definitive 2014 indyref compilation album, including folk/pop classics by Dick Gaughan and The Proclaimers; hip hop by Stanley Odd and Loki; and new original composition by Matt Seattle, Allen MacDonald and more. It is the perfect souvenir album of the year 2014, a watershed in our continuing journey.

Bella Caledonia: Songs for Scotland the Album
is now available on Amazon in the UK, the USA, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and soon in Canada, as well as on Google Play and Sony Music Unlimited for only £4.99. Go here to download and buy the MP3.

Album Credits:
Produced by Kevin Brown
Cover art by Alasdair Gray
Album upload by Calum Hadden of Birnam CD @ http://www.birnamcd.com/
Online Platform by Graham Collins of Threads of Sound @ http://www.threadsofsound.com/
Mastered by Garry Boyle @ garryboyle.com
Graphics by Angel Bramner
Social media management by June Stewart
Special thanks to Douglas Eadie, Martin Hadden of Birnam CD, Kenny MacDonald of Braw Music Management, and Ian Green of Greentrax Recordings