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Songs for Scotland

51mjaIbyytL._SS280Bella Caledonia: Songs for Scotland the Album is the definitive 2014 indyref compilation album, including folk/pop classics by Dick Gaughan and The Proclaimers; hip hop by Stanley Odd and Loki; and new original composition by Matt Seattle, Allen MacDonald and more. It is the perfect souvenir album of the year 2014, a watershed in our continuing journey.

Bella Caledonia: Songs for Scotland the Album
is now available on Amazon in the UK, the USA, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and soon in Canada, as well as on Google Play and Sony Music Unlimited for only £4.99. Go here to download and buy the MP3.

Album Credits:
Produced by Kevin Brown
Cover art by Alasdair Gray
Album upload by Calum Hadden of Birnam CD @ http://www.birnamcd.com/
Online Platform by Graham Collins of Threads of Sound @ http://www.threadsofsound.com/
Mastered by Garry Boyle @ garryboyle.com
Graphics by Angel Bramner
Social media management by June Stewart
Special thanks to Douglas Eadie, Martin Hadden of Birnam CD, Kenny MacDonald of Braw Music Management, and Ian Green of Greentrax Recordings

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  1. colin says:

    OR, if you wait six months, you will be able to pick up the album for 80p or less at your local Sally army charity shop.

    1. Neil says:

      That will be more than we get out of Amazon.

  2. Itchybiscuit says:

    Goodbye Bella Caledonia.

    Since the referendum this site has lost its purpose by trying to be all things to all people.

    Punting CD’s really is the nadir imo.

    I wish you all the best for the future,

    1. What’s wrong with providing a download of music?

  3. deewal says:

    Does this Album have “Scotland The Slave” and “Oh Coward Of Scotland” on it ?

  4. Frank says:

    Is the Who’s We Wont Get Fooled Again on it?

  5. Susan Macdiarmid says:

    Amazon?! Why? I and probably lots of other people here have been boycotting Amazon for the last year because of their deplorable employment practises. Supportive of Bella but won’t buy from Amazon.

  6. June Stewart says:

    I am really disappointed in the previous posted comments. The reason that this project came together was the belief that by using music, that generally transcends cultural barriers, we could help the grassroots YES movement by producing a Pre Reverendum concert. There was an immense amount of work done by Bellacaledonia and Songs for Scotland bringing YES musicians together. These artists and musicians DONATED their time for one common goal, Independence.
    In light of the huge success of the concert at the Oran Mor in Glasgow, it was decided to produce an album that originally could only be ordered through Bella. To broaden the audience it was added to Amazon, not for any other reason than to reach a larger audience so many others could enjoy the fruits of so many peoples labour. So perhaps instead of slamming Bella it might be worthwhile to read their Motto:

    “Our motto is collaboration, not competition. We work with Scotland’s other new media outlets, and we work with mainstream media outlets, to make sure the great work of the new media in Scotland can reach as wide an audience as possible.

    From indyref to the General Election and beyond, the new media in Scotland has established its place and is making a significant contribution to journalism in Scotland. It has been hard work, and it would be impossible without the support of all of the readers and supporters.”

  7. Strategist says:

    I agree. Punting this CD (not any old CD) is exactly the kind of thing Bella should be doing.

  8. anne says:

    The negative comments are embarrassing . These people sound like the kind of armchair cynics we occasionally met during the referendum . Its easy to criticize . I think the cd is a great idea!

  9. Neil says:

    It is ‘Drive Time 20’ in tartan. This is milking it for money.

  10. Kevin Brown says:

    This album had nothing to do with me personally — Brown is a common name in Scotland, and so is Kevin. Having said which, a few observations:

    This is a gloss from an Ayetalk given by Isobel Lindsay during the Indyref, in which she neatly set out the theoretical foundations for the 2014 Songs for Scotland project:

    ‘We shouldn’t be too afraid of using identity, and we shouldn’t be too afraid in this campaign of emotion […]. We are social animals, and loyalty to group and place is a basic part of who and what we are. […] Nationalism, broadly speaking, is a core part of what it is to be a human being […] but it is morally neutral, and can be used in either positive or negative ways [to affirm social solidarity, or to advance empires and militarism]. Myths are stories that we tell ourselves […]. Our national myths include Robert Burns, the highland clearances and the Red Clydesiders, and these can be made to help us embrace ideals of social solidarity and equality. […] By working with the grain of our national mythos in Scotland, we can use sentiment and emotion to advance our goal of winning in September.’

    What better way to mobilise voters than by appealing to our fantastic Scottish musical culture? — was the thinking last summer. Did the project ‘work’? Who can say. What is certain is that Cameron allowed the referendum to take place because ‘Yes’ was at 27 % in the polls; but it ended up at 45 % on voting day. Did Songs for Scotland (festival, film and album) contribute to that? I don’t know.

    Moving on to the album per se: we are in a whole new paradigm these days regarding media, but no one knows what that paradigm is. The corporate media, which it is generally agreed were our undoing in the Indyref campaign, are being financially crippled by the ‘free’ news purveyed on the Internet, including by sites like Bella Caledonia. The thing is, it takes work and money to keep Bella and comparable sites going. How to fund them? Yes, crowd funding seems to work. Are there other viable funding methods? Is selling an online album of songs also a possibility? Maybe in some small way it will help; or then again, maybe it won’t. The point is that this is a time of reinvention for media, and hats off to Bella Caledonia for bravely seeking out innovative funding models and new ways of doing things.

    Finally: it is too bad that our brave new world of the Internet has to include trolls (see above) but that’s a fact of life and one that I guess we must just accept. To the commenter about Amazon: I wasn’t aware of this. There are so many, many unfair and exploitive employers out there it’s hard to keep track isn’t it? In life, or at least in this economic system, it seems we are all too often obliged to work with seriously imperfect tools.

  11. GPK says:

    I am glad to hear of new music ventures and outlets; see nothing amiss and indeed am happy at Bella Caledonia promoting this selection; am disappointed and rather appalled at the negative comments; but heartened at those who have taken the time to reply (giving strong reasons) in support. Best wishes to all involved in the music project and in running Bella!

  12. Susan Macdiarmid says:

    As I said, I am supportive of Bella but refuse to buy anything from Amazon, so can I buy the CD direct from Bella? If anyone does want to know about amazon’s abuses of the people working in their warehouses, from low wages to constant surveillance and timed toilet breaks, check out amazonanonymous on line.

    1. Kevin Brown says:

      Susan I did a bit of checking around on line without a good result so far. I have been advised that the album will also be online on ‘Google Play, Sony Music Unlimited and others’, but no sign of that as yet. Check in a couple of weeks? If I found out anything more (and I may) I’ll let you know via this comment thread.

  13. Neil says:

    You have to take off your hat to Amazon for getting the Scottish government to build them a warehouse for free.

    Personally, I think that punting quarter-century old Proclaimers tunes with faded hip-hop and ancient fiddle tunes on an album Scoteesh is taking the piss a bit. What is the point? It’s shortbread tin stuff.

  14. Kevin Brown says:

    Well Neil, you are entitled to your opinion. You know what Oscar Wilde said: ‘Opinions are like arseholes, everybody has one’. In my opinion the term ‘shortbread tin’ is a Scottish cringe code word for ‘nothing Scottish can possibly be of any value’. I don’t use if myself.

    Susan I did a bit of checking around on line without a good result so far. I have been advised that the album will also be online on ‘Google Play, Sony Music Unlimited and others’, but no sign of that as yet. Check in a couple of weeks?

  15. Kevin Brown says:

    Happy trolling Neil, wherever you may roam.

  16. Bibbit says:

    I downloaded this just after the Referendum. I enjoyed the varied tracks. Some calming or strong, some wistful or joyful. One haunting, one to raise the hairs on your neck. Well done to all involved & thankyou

    1. Thanks – glad you liked it

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