Those of you who watched Matt Frei’s The Mad World of Donald Trump may still be reeling (available to view here). Those of you who saw Sarah Palin’s endorsement speech definitely will be…

But why can’t the other candidates lay a glove on Trump? Why can’t they expose him to his own fan base?

n1h-p7TI_400x400Jeet Heer @HeerJeet – a senior editor at the New Republic and who also writes for The New Yorker and The Paris Review has this handy 15 point advice on how to really Trip up Trump, summary: ‘go low, go hard’.

1. So, I keep expecting the GOP elite to put up a fierce resistance to Trump and it never arrives. What analytical mistake am I making?
2. One answer is “various rivals — Perry, Paul, Jeb — have tried to beat down Trump and it has always backfired.”
3. But the attacks that have been made on Trump so far have been weak tea. “He’s vulgar. Talks loud,” etc Tone not policy or person attacked
4. Compare weak-tea used against Trump with ferocious assault Romney unleashed on Gingrich in Florida in 2012.
5. Romney saturated the Florida airwaves with ads about every slimy thing Gingrich did (treatment of women) and how hated he was in party.
6. Why hasn’t that approach been tried on Trump? There’s more than enough material. 30 years worth of tabloid fodder & business dealings
7. @DouthatNYT column has good summary of really no-holds-barred attack GOP could launch on Trump if they wanted 
8. You don’t have to do much oppo research on Trump: back issues of NY Post, Daily News, Spy plus Trump’s own twitter feed.
9. Normally if you have a rival candidate who repeatedly retweets neo-Nazis, you try and make the world know this fact.
10. Normally, if you have a rival candidate who has alleged links to the mafia, you call attention to that: “Trump and the Mob”. 
11. Normally if you have a candidate who has repeatedly declared bankruptcy you can video tape & publicize workers hurt by his/her actions.
12. How difficult would it be to do “When Mitt Romney Came to Town” style ads showing Trump hurting workers? Would really effect his base. 16. You say, “I don’t know if Donald is mobbed up. Probably not. But Hillary will use these rumors & connections to destroy him.”
13. People are saying mafia attack would redouble in Trump’s favor. “He’s a tough guy, deals with gangsters.” Yes and no.
14. No doubt Trump’s fan base would love celebrating him as a goodfella & wise guy. But those aren’t voters you are aiming at.
15. You use mafia attack in same sly way Trump used Canadian birtherism against Cruz.