Kevin Murphy’s latest Scots poem is pure and radge and noo.

still goat nae ile, still goat nae gas,
still goat nae croon estate cash
still goat nae croaft, still goat nae laun,
ye jammy bam, ye goat broadbaun?!
still goat hope, still goat ambition
tae complete this independence mission

still plenty flyte an muckle plans
whit wi’ll dae free fae the Man
still the claun chiefs reassure
‘jist wan mair push, rich an poor
wi’ll soart yiz oot, jist no right noo.’

still goat nae flooers, still goat nae trees
still goat plenty liver disease
still goat bad, it’s gittin worse
hope cowped turns tae a curse

naked here Ah’ve aye bin stood
still goat nae help, didna think Ah wid
the show’s no ran fur you nor me
wi’re noo ‘them’ nae pairt o  ‘we’

still goat nae stake, still goat nae richt
tae expect ye tae unnerstaun ma plicht
still goat the strings ye pu’ at will
tae cut ma dosh tae pey yer thrill
ah’m still the rat, stuck in ma cage
same shiny toys tae calm ma rage
just drunker, fatter, still incensed
ye think it’s at yer ain expense

ah luik at aw the lanely people
a bucket a harns in the free trade sun
jacobites on jobseeker’s, braveherts in lidl’s
boarn tae girn and spurn or turn and learn
cry it lood fae fair isle tae fife
still goat nae Scotland in ma life!