Still Got Nae

Kevin Murphy’s latest Scots poem is pure and radge and noo.

still goat nae ile, still goat nae gas,
still goat nae croon estate cash
still goat nae croaft, still goat nae laun,
ye jammy bam, ye goat broadbaun?!
still goat hope, still goat ambition
tae complete this independence mission

still plenty flyte an muckle plans
whit wi’ll dae free fae the Man
still the claun chiefs reassure
‘jist wan mair push, rich an poor
wi’ll soart yiz oot, jist no right noo.’

still goat nae flooers, still goat nae trees
still goat plenty liver disease
still goat bad, it’s gittin worse
hope cowped turns tae a curse

naked here Ah’ve aye bin stood
still goat nae help, didna think Ah wid
the show’s no ran fur you nor me
wi’re noo ‘them’ nae pairt o  ‘we’

still goat nae stake, still goat nae richt
tae expect ye tae unnerstaun ma plicht
still goat the strings ye pu’ at will
tae cut ma dosh tae pey yer thrill
ah’m still the rat, stuck in ma cage
same shiny toys tae calm ma rage
just drunker, fatter, still incensed
ye think it’s at yer ain expense

ah luik at aw the lanely people
a bucket a harns in the free trade sun
jacobites on jobseeker’s, braveherts in lidl’s
boarn tae girn and spurn or turn and learn
cry it lood fae fair isle tae fife
still goat nae Scotland in ma life!

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  1. Maureen drennan says:

    Think we all feel like that can feel it in the wind. I’m usually positive energetic person and I can’t be fukked with it anymore.As they would say in Ayrshire It’s PISH!

    1. Bob says:

      Fir fucks sake, heid up wumman. Dont gie the basterts whit they want, and thats nae hope

      1. Maureen drennan says:

        I’ll be fine I’ll find reserves I’m sure as I’m a strong woman !!!

  2. Alf Baird says:

    Braw poem, an realiti fir ower hauf Scots fowk firshuir. Wid maist o’ thon weel-peyed (noo) middle-cless politeecians an govrenment flunkies unnerstaund it, faur less dae somethin aboot it? Naw, seiven thoosand oan Dundee’s hoosin list an whit dae they build – an £80m plus V&A museum, an aw fir thon maistly middle-cless tae veesit nae doot. Sic braw Scots poems shud be staundart readin in Scots schuils an in oor pairlament tae. Past time fir a ‘Scots Language (Scotland) Act’.

  3. Ally says:

    Absolutely brilliant bit of work.

    1. Kevin says:

      Thanks Ally, it’s ma first thing in Scots printit. Ah’m howpin mair fowk’ll stairt daein poems the wey they speak. Inglish dominance gits borin, eh?

      1. Hey Kevin – thanks for contributing. Its great to have you on Bella and its good to have poetry, prose, video and different forms as well as different voices.

        1. Kevin says:

          Cheers, ye dinnae ken whit ye’ve stairtit 🙂

  4. Val h says:

    Still got nae Gallowa’.

  5. Fay Kennedy. says:

    It’s a world awa doon here by the southern sea
    But you makers frae Scotland fair cheer me
    It’s aw the same where er ye go
    The same chancers and brass necks take aw the dough
    Still it dis ma hart guid when I know there are many
    Will gie them jip and they’re no driven by money

    You’re an inspiration and all you who contribute to this site for am awful deprived oh decent discussion in this land oh Australia.

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