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    Tammas Clark 5th Apr'18 11
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    Deid huddies an the Moray Eel

    Onybody fir a pint o cauld sick? Or hou aboot some deid huddie? If naebody’s up for it puir wee Dougie Ross will juist hae […]

    Elizabeth Thoumire 2nd Apr'18 2
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    North by Northeast

    A significant new initiative is launched this week to support and develop the Scots language. On the 28th of March a new body will be […]

    Mike Small 26th Mar'18 19
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    Don Roberto

    There no mony faimlies in Scotland wi sic a pruid history as the Grahams. The faimly can trace theirsels richt back tae the Wallace in […]

    Ally Heather and Billy Kay 16th Feb'18 31
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    For the fat romantics

    Accordin tae the UN Food an Agricultur Organisation, the UK is the ‘fat man o Europe’. An tae ma mind, even mair concernin, Public Health […]

    Elizabeth Thoumire 6th Feb'18 0
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    Ally Heather 30th Jan'18 8
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    Tammas Clark 27th Jan'18 8
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    In defence o SNHS

    A’ve been listenin a’ week tae the aggrievit crawin o oor sanctimonious media anent whit they see as the shortcomins o oor Scottish National Health […]

    Elizabeth Thoumire 15th Jan'18 3
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    Wha’s Like Us?

    The differences atween, say, the Yes muivement an Make American Great Again are that plain an that pautent as tae want further owergaun. We’re no […]

    Tammas Clark 28th Dec'17 4
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    Scots Keyboard

    Scots keyboard at lang last! Ye micht hae thocht, whan ye packed it in at schuil, that ye’d had yer last row for sayin ‘oot’ […]

    Tammas Clark 8th Dec'17 20
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    Ally Heather 5th Dec'17 7
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    To the Bourgeoisie

    A hunner year syne this year, the European warld wis tearin itsel tae targets. In Scotland, the hoodies had been croakin fir the brave kiltit […]

    Ally Heather 4th Dec'17 6
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    Robbie Handy 22nd Nov'17 1
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    Period Pains

    Fowk caa it menstruation, period, time o the month, or ye can refer tae it by ma personal favourit, a phrase used by oor funny […]

    Antonia Uri 10th Nov'17 7

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