13487928_10208990965507894_1091243841_nGrassroots Out, a group campaigning for a Leave vote faces a police probe after Evie Love, a local food and land campaigner was intimidated and told by one of their activists he “doesn’t give a f**k” about the murder of MP Jo Cox.

The story was covered by the Sunday Herald this morning (‘Brexit campaigner faces police probe over Jo Cox slur claims’) but fresh allegations have emerged today that the activist involved is indeed BNP member and regional organiser, Kenny MacDonald.

Seemingly oblivious local campaigner Ken Bell writes:

“The reaction on the street was fantastic. A few Federasts came up to us and said that campaigning was supposed to be suspended, but we told ’em quite simply that the suspension was lifted as of today. So they became shouty and we just laughed and eventually they took their hooks, and life went on as normal.” More here.

13480428_10208990966347915_2136832103_nAlso present was Alan Melville, a long time UKIP candidate in Leith.

A spokesman for Grassroots Out said: “The street stall in Edinburgh is not an event we have organised or sanctioned. If there is any truth in the allegations, it is reprehensible behaviour and we would not want to be associated with that.”

We suspect there will be more backtracking as the story develops.

The convergence between UKIP and the far-right has long been noted, with UKIP last year having to deny allegations of an electoral pact with Britain First.

Bella has several questions to put to the group.

It will be interesting to see how the Leave campaign and UKIP respond to the revelation they are campaigning with fascists. Is this a deliberate strategy, or something they were unaware of? How senior are fascists in the Edinburgh team? Were the senior organisers aware of Kenny MacDonald’s involvement? and political background Is he the only BNP member campaigning with them or are their other fascists involved? Is leaving the EU the only part of the BNP political agenda they share – or there other areas of common ground?