Precision Bombing



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  1. bringiton says:

    The purpose of America and it’s tag along allies in Syria was and still is regime change.
    This had no justification in international law until the events of the last few days.
    Whether it was the Russians or their Syrian allies that attacked the UN convoy,this will be viewed as a war crime and used as justification for continued action by the USA and friends.
    This action had Putin’s fingerprints all over it,ruthless and over the top response to attacks on Syrian troops.
    However,this time,too far.
    The poor people of Syria are not going to get any respite from the geopolitics being conducted in their land and the UK in particular needs to up its game in terms of giving refuge to those fleeing this horrific conflict.

    1. Mark Potter-Irwin says:

      Has it ever dawned on you that the real powers that be in the US are, and have been in the past, capable of framing others in order to meet their own agenda? The whole agenda in Syria is about pipelines…US backed pipeline or Russian backed pipeline. ALL are to blame including us who sit by and blame and do the minimum possible to alleviate the suffering! I am ashamed and so should we all be ashamed.

  2. picpac says:

    The latest information is that the aid convoy wasn’t bombed at all. All the aid had been delivered, so the trucks were empty. The evidence seems to be that the trucks were set on fire – quite probably by some of the “White Helmets” – in an attempted false flag. Neither Russia nor the Syrian government would have any motive for doing such a thing. It would be utter stupidity – and neither Putin nor Assad is stupid. Putin doesn’t do revenge – otherwise he would have had some bombs dropped on Turkey. This faked bombing only served the interests of those who are determined to balkanize Syria (that’s the allied war criminals and Israel) and who are merely pretending to attack ISIS.

    1. Wow. You been on Alex Jones site again?

      1. J Galt says:

        No he’s just using his brain.

        Find out who gains – they’re usually to blame.

        Mind you they don’t need to use “white helmets” – there’s any amount of murdering scum (sorry moderate opposition) to choose from!

  3. john young says:

    Wasn,t it Putins Russia that brought down the Malaysia bound plane over Ukraine? or so the USA screamed,then nothing but a botched and loaded inquiry.Anyone anywhere at anytime that believes anything coming out of the mouths of American politicians/media needs certifying,the USA is a busted flush and will drag the west down with it.

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